14 Ways To Remove Dog Smells In A House

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We’ve all been there – stepping into a home only to be greeted by the unmistakable scent of dog. For dog owners, this aroma is part and parcel of sharing life with their furry friends. It’s a small price to pay for the joy and companionship dogs bring, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with it.

The reality is, no matter how much we adore our canine companions, the lingering smell can become a nuisance. It seeps into fabrics, settles into carpets, and clings to walls, making our homes less inviting. For guests who might not be as forgiving or accustomed to the scent, it can be downright off-putting.

Fear not, for there’s a solution to every problem. In this article, we’ll provide expert tips to banish dog odors from your home, ensuring it smells fresh and inviting once again. From DIY solutions to preventative measures, we’ve got you covered.

Freshen Up with Regular Baths

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Keep your dog clean with regular baths. This simple step can significantly reduce the amount of odor they bring into your home. Use a dog-friendly shampoo and establish a bathing routine that suits your dog’s lifestyle and breed.

The Magic of Baking Soda

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Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and furniture, let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up. Baking soda naturally neutralizes odors without leaving any harmful residues. Do this in each room separately so you can close the door and avoid foot traffic while the baking soda does it’s magic. Sure, you can buy pet products that are similar, if not just baking soda with some lavender or other fragrance enhancer in it, but in a pinch, don’t be afraid to use whats handy.

Invest in an Air Purifier

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Most people don’t realize that pet dander isn’t just dust on the floor. Most of it actually exists in the air itself. An air purifier can be a game-changer in homes with pets. Look for models with HEPA filters to effectively remove pet dander and odors from the air.

Wash Bedding Regularly

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Wash your dog’s bedding and any blankets they use frequently in hot water. This will eliminate odors and keep the bedding hygienic. We try to wash Harveys bed cover and blankets every week. While his towels and plush toys get washed as needed.

Open Windows Daily

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Ventilation is crucial in keeping your home smelling fresh. Make it a habit to open windows every day to allow fresh air to circulate and displace stale, odorous air. Even in the colder months don’t be afraid to let in a little crisp, cool air. Even for twenty minutes this can help remove odors faster than anything else on this list.

Clean Your Dog’s Belongings

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Besides the typical washing of dog beds and blankets, be sure to regularly wash your dog’s toys, bowls, and any other belongings. This will not only keep your home smelling better but also ensure your pet’s items are clean and safe.

Freshen with Herbal Sachets

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For those that are a bit thrifty you can create your own herbal sachets with lavender, mint, or rosemary. These natural herbs not only smell delightful but also have antibacterial properties. Making sure they are out of your pups reach, place the sachets around the house, especially near your dog’s favorite resting spots, to keep the air smelling fresh.

DIY Citrus Spray

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Whip up a homemade citrus spray using lemon or orange peels. Citrus has natural odor-neutralizing properties and leaves a fresh, invigorating scent. Boil the peels in water, let the mixture cool, then strain and pour into a spray bottle. A light mist on fabrics and in the air can transform the ambiance of your home.

Activated Charcoal Filters

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Place activated charcoal filters or bags in strategic locations around your house. Charcoal is incredibly effective at absorbing odors and moisture, which can help keep dog smells at bay. These are especially useful in more confined spaces like closets, near pet beds, or even in the car. You can even get air filters with activated charcoal in it now.

Refresh with Indoor Plants

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Incorporate more indoor plants into your home decor. Certain plants, like spider plants, peace lilies, and bamboo palms, are known for their air-purifying abilities. They can help remove toxins and odors from the air, providing a healthier environment for both you and your pet.

Diffusers and Essential Oils: Aromatic Ambiance

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Harness the power of essential oils by using diffusers in your home. Whether you prefer electric diffusers, reed diffusers, or ceramic ones, the key is to choose dog-safe essential oils like lavender or chamomile that can help neutralize pet odors and create a calming atmosphere. Highlight the importance of selecting pet-friendly oils and avoiding direct contact between the oils and the pets.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: The Silent Sentries

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Use a robotic vacuum cleaner that operates on a schedule to keep floors and carpets free of pet hair and dander, which contribute to the overall pet smell in a home. These devices can reach under furniture and other hard-to-clean areas, while providing continuous maintenance without much effort.

Enzymatic Cleaners: The Deep Clean

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Use enzymatic cleaners for spot-cleaning carpets, upholstery, and pet bedding. These cleaners break down the proteins in pet stains and odors, effectively eliminating them rather than just masking the smell. I suggest keeping a bottle handy for accidents and routine cleaning, especially at the puppy stage.

Removable Furniture Covers: Practical and Stylish

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I cannot recommend enough the use of stylish, removable, and washable furniture covers to protect sofas and chairs from pet hair, dander, and odors. These covers can be easily swapped and cleaned, making it simpler to maintain a fresh-smelling living space. Literally, an hour of laundry and our house smells fresh again after washing some of the blankets and covers.

14 Tips To Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Pug Dog Runs Away After Ruining Potted Flower
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Pets bring joy and companionship to our lives, but they also bring, well, a bit of mess! Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or welcoming a new furry friend, maintaining a clean and fresh home is a must. Fear not, because we’ve compiled 14 expert tips to help you keep your home clean while enjoying the company of your beloved pets.

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