13 Unique Dog Toys Your Pup Will Love: 2024 Edition

Every dog owner is familiar with the scene: a collection of gnawed-on, slobbered-over dog toys scattered across the living room, each bearing the marks of numerous play sessions. Some toys have become your pet’s cherished companions, while others have been quickly forgotten, discarded in favor of more exciting pursuits. Amid this toy graveyard, have you ever wondered which toys truly captivated your furry friend’s interest and stood the test of time, bringing not just moments, but lasting joy?

Imagine if, instead of a hit-or-miss pile, you had a curated selection of toys, each as unique and special as your pet. Toys that promise not just to entertain, but to engage and challenge your dog in new and stimulating ways. What if you could replace the usual suspects – the frayed ropes and punctured balls – with something genuinely innovative?

That’s where we come in. The team at FurBallFun took on the challenge for a quest unlike any other. We’ve combed through countless products, pored over reviews, and conducted our own tests to compile an exclusive list of the most unique dog toys. These aren’t your average fetch balls or tug ropes; each toy in our selection brings something fresh and exciting to the table, promising to reignite your dog’s passion for play. From interactive puzzles that challenge their minds to durable toys designed for the most enthusiastic chewers, we’ve got something for every type of playful pup. Let FurBallFun guide you to the perfect playtime companions for your four-legged friend.

Top Unique Dog Toys For 2024

To be clear, even as wild and crazy as some of these toys might be, we make sure they have good reviews and are something dogs like. And although we might be a little more liberal on safety for this list, we still take it into consideration. Finally, we had to buy a few ourselves for Harvey to try out.

West Paw Seaflex Snorkl Dog Tug

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

Okay, so we might not be starting out too crazy or unique per se, but hear us out. First, we all know West Paw is an amazing pet product company.  But what makes this toy unique is what it’s made out of, or perhaps not made of. 

The Seaflex Series from West Paw is “a blend of 88% zero-waste Zogoflex, 12% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, and 0% bad stuff. No latex. No Phthalates. No BPA.”

We picked up the Snorkl because Harvey loves to play tug of war.  This gives us an opportunity to test it against some of his other similar products and see if this “earth-safe” product holds up. Although recommended for the moderate chewer, although Harvey would definitely lean to the high end of that spectrum, we are happy to report that after a few days of play, no major issues have come up.

The Snorkl has a variety of uses and is a great all-around toy. Dogs can chew on it like a bone, but it has enough length to allow you to play tug of war standing up. If you have a dog or playful pup who loves to gnaw, chew, and tug at home, safeguard your furniture by giving him this brightly-colored toy that’s fetchable and features boomerang bouncing for high-energy pets.

Be sure to supervise play, especially the first few sessions, to ensure your dog doesn’t easily destroy it. Not only do these dog chew toys from Seaflex feature bright colors to easily spot inside or out, but each dog chew toy is non-toxic, FDA compliant, BPA free, phthalate free, dishwasher safe, and made in the USA. 

Sugelary Squeaky Pineapple

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

While we ease you into the unique dog toy category with the West Paw Snorkl, it’s time to get a little wilder with this squeaky pineapple. Based on 3,000+ reviews, dogs seem obsessed with the Sugelary Squeaky Pineapple

Featuring a built-in squeaker, the squeaky dog toy can effectively catch dog interest in engaging in games of fetch. High-quality natural rubber pineapple puppy toys can ensure your puppy’s entertainment and safety during the game. Made of non-toxic food-grade rubber. Who doesn’t want a picture of their dog running around with a pineapple? This toy is pretty unique, and the Sugelary company offers a couple of other comical toys as well. 

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

Further, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. “We are committed to designing the best toys for dogs. Each of our products undergoes rigorous quality testing. We know that a dog’s behavior is unpredictable. If something is wrong with the squeaking toy, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with replacement or refund.”

While we don’t think that covers your dog chewing it up, it’s nice to see a company offer some type of guarantee because manufacturing mistakes do happen (read enough reviews, and you’ll agree). And to me, it’s worth a try should Harvey end up destroying this toy over time. 

MewaJump Cactus

Sticking to the rubber chew toy, how about a cactus-shaped teeth cleaner? If you live out west, this is a must-have for the house.  Not only will your dog love it, but guests will think it’s part of your decor. 

Made of natural rubber and built to last. 6000+ ratings show mostly positive reviews.  Probably best for the moderate chewer being a teeth-cleaning toy, the rubber is, by design, a bit softer. However, with good supervision and frequent toy rotation, this one can last a while. 

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

We haven’t bought this one yet for Harvey but he did ask it to be placed on the Christmas list. On sale at Amazon, use the link above and get it in green or pink.

Sedioso Plush Fox and Uni-Hippo

This might be the cutest toy on the list that uses a newer trend in dog toys. Combining the rope dog toy with the plush toy design, Sedioso brings us two options: the Fox and the Uni-Hippo. With thousands of positive ratings, this is sure to be a hit in your home.

Perhaps best for the small to midsize dog. How cute will it be to see your pup curled up with one of these? The aggressive chewer is probably going to destroy this option in a few goes. But perfect for the young FurBallFun friend, the Sedioso Fox is made with natural cotton and has raised surfaces to help clean your dog’s teeth. 

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

With a small squeaker in the back, it didn’t take long for Harvey to flatten and make it useless (fine by us). We don’t let him play with this too long, as he will have it destroyed in no time. However, this is a great toy for the occasional snuggle/play time on the couch or bed. We wouldn’t recommend leaving it in your dog’s crate while away. It’s a really nice toy for the kids and dogs to play with together. Hand wash often to help keep it clean. 

Sedioso Tough Dog Turtle

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

If the above Sedioso Plush Fox toy doesn’t suit your breed, check out their more aggressive chewer lineup. Again, combining the classic rope toy with a tougher rubber toy, Sedioso gives us multiple design options to choose from. The Sedioso Turtle comes in multiple colors and has some unique features.

Multi-functional with different textures and parts, the plush head part can be used as a squeaky toy. The rubber body part can be used as an aggressive chewer & food dispensing toy, which can keep your dog’s teeth clean and improve their IQ. At the same time, the cotton rope legs can be used to play tug of war, so even if part of the turtle toy is damaged, the other part can still be used again!

While we want caution on unsupervised play due to the multiple parts, the unique design certainly provides value. Harvey seems most interested in the food dispensing part (go figure), but still enjoys a bit of tug-of-war time.

Hear Doggy Flatties 

Featured in our Best Dog Toy list for 2022, this Plush Gator Toy is one of Harvey’s favorite toys of all time. You might ask, besides being cute, what makes it unique? As with much in life the answer comes from within…as a squeaker toy you might be confused because when you press the squeaker, you won’t hear anything. But your dog will, and they’ll love it! The silent squeaker is perfect for when you need it a bit quieter, like during a meeting, because you live in an apartment, or late at night. 

The Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker uses “chew guard technology,” making the seams stronger and providing a durable lining. They might still tear or show wear, but reviews have shown that they don’t rip apart easily. Of course, if any dog is determined enough, they might rip it apart. The good news is that they aren’t too expensive to replace. 

Obviously, the real appeal is that silent squeaker, which is great for us pet owners. Even some dogs seemed to think it was entertaining based on reviews. Some reviews discussed how squeaking it out of sight made dogs go crazy looking for it. It’s a great option for when you want your dog to have the fun of a squeaker but need to keep things a bit more low-key. 

Six different Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker animals are available, including an alligator, pig,  giraffe, chicken, cow, and elephant.

Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat

This option might not be a true toy per se…certainly not meant for gnawing on or the aggressive chewer.  But with over 40,000 ratings on Amazon (yes, you read that right!), there has got to be something unique about the Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat

Marketed as the “original pet anxiety and comfort aid”, this toy has been around since 1997 and helped millions of pet owners with anxiety. If you’re new to owning a pet you might not realize they too can experience anxiety. Whether it’s from being in a new house, being left alone, or not getting to sleep on the bed with you, pets will often have a high rate of anxiety.

Pet anxiety can be shown in different ways, including bad behavior or acting out. The Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat reminds puppies of sleeping with their litter and gives them a natural reduction in anxiety, helping with negative behavior. 

Although we don’t recommend leaving this option in their crate when you’re gone for the day, it is a good item to have for sleep time. Harvey is no longer a puppy, but we use this when thunderstorms come rolling through…this is what causes him the most anxiety. 

Made with certified safe materials, the Snuggle Puppy is machine washable and easy to clean; just remove the heart before washing.  Some reviews have noted the nose being chewed off.  We never recommend leaving your dog with something you and your pup have not tested to ensure they will not destroy it. Use it under supervision first and decide what’s best for your family.  However, the manufacturer provides a satisfaction guarantee with U.S.-based top-notch customer service, and they promise the Snuggle Puppy will help your family and stand behind that promise 100%!

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

Get more sleep! Helps with crate & kennel training by reducing barking, whining, and anxiety for your dog, helping YOU sleep at night. With an industry-leading “Real-Feel” heartbeat that has two modes and a simple-to-use heat pack included, your pup will love sleeping with their new Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat.

Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

We’re not going to lie, and we originally started to add the ChuckIt Flying Squirrel to our list because who’s dog doesn’t like chasing squirrels? But when doing some research, we found ChuckIt had this rather unusual and unique toy, and since this is a list of unique toys, perhaps we will save the Flying Squirrel for another day.

ChuckIt is a reliable, well-known brand. Perhaps best known for their ChuckIt Ultra Ball and Ball Launcher, the brand has won over the hearts of pet owners and become an established option for dog toys. 

The Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider is part of their entire Indoor Line of Fetch toys. These toys are the perfect complement to cold days, hardwood floors, or late-night games of play. The Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider Dog Toy is made to glide along most floors, engaging your dog’s natural chase instinct. Designed to be a challenge to catch, this toy is made for self-play, allowing your dog to fetch with themselves. Active play is an important part of every dog’s day, and the Chuckit! Indoor Slider is the perfect way to provide active play indoors. As your dog pounces on the Indoor Slider, the extra-large air chamber provides an exceptional squeaking sound, and the durable rubber dome means this toy will last for extended playtime!

At first, I really didn’t get the appeal of this toy and didn’t think Harvey would go for it. In fact, at first, he didn’t. But the more I played with it, the more he did, and then I noticed something…I would be in my backroom office and start to hear that squeaking noise, only to come out and find him chasing it around the room.  So, I guess it fooled us both for a bit.  But if you’re still confused, perhaps this video below can help clear it up…


All of the Chuckit! Products are superior options in our books.  We own several and plan on doing a full review for just their branded items.  In fact, they have several pretty unique toys. Let’s look at another one…

ChuckIt! Kick Cube

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

This thing is pretty cool and definitely a bit different. The unique design of the ChuckIt! Kick Cube isn’t the only thing it has going for it. But that cube shape is what made it on our most unique dog toy list. So, what other features does this toy have in store for your FurBall friend?

The main feature of this toy is its unique shape, giving it a random bounce when kicked or thrown. The interactive dog toy bouncy cube can be kicked for a unique way to play with your dogs. Dogs can easily grab the kickball with its rubber bite zone design. Great for all dog sizes.

On top of the shape and design, the ChuckIt! Kick Cube is made of a soft but durable material that’s easy on a dog’s mouth. The distinctive shape is visually interesting to dogs, while the bright two-toned color gives increased visibility for outdoor play.

Possibly not the strongest dog toy, Harvey has only begun to pull some of the edge threading out. We would say large breeds that are aggressive chewers might not be the best option for this toy.  However, used as just a fetch toy and not a gnawing one. It has lasted us a month so far. Also, there is something extremely adorable about dogs trying to chase this down and grab it. 

Outward Hound Puppy Hide N’ Slide

Ninna Ottoson has been designing and creating dog toys for 25 years.  This collaboration with Outward Hound is now the number-one toy on Amazon.  With over 80,000 ratings, dog owners love stimulating their pets. The puzzles are perfect to challenge your puppy’s mind and senses. While humans use vision to navigate the world, dogs use their keen sense of smell to gather information, problem-solve, and forage for food. By providing your puppy with daily puzzles and games, you are enriching your dog’s life in ways that other toys and activities can’t.

Coming in with over 20 different puzzles and game designs, there are plenty of options to choose from.  However, we don’t recommend designs that have removable pieces.  And, short of sounding like a broken record, be sure to always supervise play time with this toy. We use it with Harvey for limited treats and dog food.  It has helped slow down his feeding a bit more, and combined with the slow feeder bowls on this list, your dog too, can eat at a healthy rate. 

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

Puzzle dog toys come in multiple levels of difficulty. However, we chose the intermediate level as it doesn’t have removable pieces and seems to be the most fun for Harvey, with two types of hiding spots for snacks or kibble and a total of 14 treat compartments: under the swiveling flippers and in the hollow sliding blocks.

You can vary the difficulty level by placing treats just under the flipper for newcomers. Once your puppy gets the hang of it, you can increase the challenge by placing the treats in the hollow block and watching your dog try to figure out how to slide it back and forth to release the treat into the flipper compartment. Made from food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, you can feel safe playing with your dog over and over again! Easy to clean with warm water and soap. Try this for some unique bonding time and something a bit different than the other toys on our list. 

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

11 Unique Dog Toys for 2022 

Arguably the most fun-looking toy on the list…for the owner, that is.  And certainly the one your kids will want you to pick. With over 9000+ ratings, there has to be something here, but is it fun or more of a novelty? Let’s dive into some of the features to find out how well this ball blaster performs…

Nerf is known for its toys for kids, but in the last several years, it has really been making a statement with its pet toy lineup. It makes sense, being that the kid toys are built to withstand some punishment while providing fun and safe entertainment to the user. The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster is no exception and has gone through a couple of iterations, leading it to become an Amazon favorite.

It comes in multiple sizes, depending on how far you want the ball to go. The max distance is rated at 50ft, but the balls seem to fly a little less over time and average around 20-30ft. Speaking of the balls, it comes with 4, and they are standard size 2.5” tennis balls, so no worries if those get worn out, you can just use others.

A possible downside is that over time, the rubber band that shoots the ball may slowly wear out. However, reviewers have noted using theirs for over a year. Also, it can be a bit loud, although that seems to just add to a bit of excitement for the dogs. 

If your pooch is a high-energy fetch champion, you know how quickly your arm can wear out. This makes a great option that not only will your dog enjoy playing with, but you will too. Any word of caution should be obvious. This is one Nerf toy not suitable for indoor use, and it is a projectile, so supervise your children when playing.  

A novelty, perhaps, but effective nonetheless. This dog toy certainly is unique and will keep your kids playing all day, wearing them out and giving them the exercise needed. Or, sit back on your deck, have a drink and shoot those balls off into the sunset. Either way, we think this is a viable addition to the Christmas list and will certainly be put to good use at the dog park. 

ADSDIA Tough Gator

Aligator tough chewer dog toy, cute black and white collie dog playing with the toy

Introducing the ADSDIA Tough Gator, the ultimate solution for our beloved furry friends who are medium to large and have a penchant for aggressive chewing! 🐾

Let me tell you, these dog chew toys have been an absolute game-changer for our pup. Not only have they made playtime a blast, but they’ve also turned our dog’s boredom and anxiety into a thing of the past. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving, not just for our pup but also for our friends’ dogs. Whether it’s a Christmas surprise, a special reward, or just a friendly gesture, these toys are the perfect choice. 🎁

What sets the ADSDIA Tough Gator apart is its incredible durability. Made from all-natural rubber, these toys can withstand even the most aggressive chewers. They’ve become our pup’s go-to companion, lasting for months without showing any signs of wear and tear. While no dog toy is entirely indestructible, this one sure comes close! 🦷

Aligator tough chewer dog toy, info graphic showing the benefits of the toy

And here’s the kicker: these gator-shaped wonders are infused with a mouthwatering milk flavor that our pup absolutely adores. It’s like a magnet for their attention, making chewing not only fun but also beneficial for their dental health. 🐶

Cleaning them is a breeze too! A quick wash with warm water and soap, and they’re good as new. No fuss, no hassle – just pure fun for our furry friend.

What’s more, ADSDIA stands by their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever encounter any issues or need advice on interactive play, they’re just a message away, ready to help. Quality problems? They’ve got you covered with replacements and other assistance. It’s clear they genuinely care about your pup’s happiness and well-being.

Aligator tough chewer dog toy, collage of four cute dogs playing with the toy

So, if you want to treat your pup to hours of joy, improved dental health, and unbeatable durability, the ADSDIA Tough Gator is the way to go. Our furry companion gives it two enthusiastic paws up, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! 🐾😃

Corn Cob Squeaker

Corn Cob Squeaker Agressive Chewer Dog Toy

I’m excited to introduce you to this newly designed corn zigzag-shaped dog chew toy! This unique design effectively brushes away at your dog’s teeth, ensuring dental health while they play. 🌽🦷

Corn Cob Agressive Chewer Dog Toy

Made for aggressive chewers the Corn Cob Squeaker is a multifunction dog toy. Not only does it help with teeth cleaning but it has a rope end allowing for some fun tug-of-war. This chew toy is nearly indestructible, tested and approved by many aggressive chewers. It’s crafted from bite-resistant TPR material, suitable for small, medium, and large dogs of any breed. 🐾

Corn Cob agressive chewer Dog Toy

Harvey loves it and has played with it for the past month almost every day. Not only is it holding up well and seems to be very durable, but it’s also a squeaky dog toy! This added feature keeps your pup engaged, making playtime more exciting. 🎶🐶

What Makes a Good Dog Toy? 

A good dog toy is something that will provide mental stimulation, give pets something to interact with, help release some energy with a bit of exercise, and possibly help train or modify behavior. 

Further, we consider good dog toys to be FurBallFun-approved if they are resilient, made with safe materials, and fun for our pets. All combine to add value to the owner. 

But that doesn’t mean every toy we review or add to a “Best” list will hold up to your dog’s play habits. Trust us, Harvey has his fair share of one-and-done toys.  No one wants to buy a toy and have it destroyed on the first day of play. This is why we started this site in the first place: to provide you with pet product reviews that are conducted by real pet owners. 

What Makes a Unique Dog Toy?

A unique dog toy is obviously subjective. But these toys are not your typical everyday tennis ball. They might be oversized, have interesting features, or be a little on the silly side. Even though they could have great ratings and many purchases, they might be something you have never seen or knew existed.  

After reviewing hundreds of toys, you start to pick up on those that everyone seems to recommend.  Hence, the desire to create a list of some pretty odd but fun options. These might not be for everyone, but they certainly will make for some interesting playtime.  At the very least, you are making memories with your furry friend, and that is what it’s all about. 

How We Picked 13 Unique Dog Toys

You might think these picks are just random choices based on how cute or cheap the toy seems to be. If you’ve read some of our other dog toy lists, such as Plush Dog Toys, you know there is a bit more to it than just that. The truth is, for this list, we looked at top brands and tried to find trending but unique toys.  Some we had never even heard of or thought anyone made. We then applied a bit of science through collective behavior. This is a fancy way of saying we looked at the ratings for each toy on Amazon…did buyers like it? We dug in a bit further to see what people did or didn’t like about it. Finally, we did some home testing…having purchased several of the toys for Harvey, we let him choose his favorites.  

So there you have it…perhaps not the most scientific method, and of course, there are going to be those who like the alternatives on our other lists. But if Harvey likes it and it has a ton of positive reviews, there’s a good chance your pup won’t complain. 

Comical, Campy, Wacky, Zany Dogs Love Them All…

From the comical to the campy, the wacky to the zany, it seems our four-legged friends have an appreciation for all sorts of playthings. While not every toy featured in our list may claim the title of ‘ultimate toy,’ the majority have garnered positive ratings and reviews, showcasing their ability to win over even the pickiest of pooches. Naturally, there will always be exceptions; some toys might not withstand the enthusiastic reception of an especially vigorous chewer, leading to the occasional disappointed review. This, however, is precisely the reason for our mission.

Harvey, our dedicated toy tester, leads a busy life filled with the serious business of play. Each squeak, bounce, and chew is carefully evaluated to ensure we’re recommending the best of the bunch. If Harvey’s adventures in toy testing have brought you some valuable insights, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. Your feedback not only supports our work but also helps us contribute to our local animal shelter at year’s end, thanks to purchases made through our links. So, join us in making playtime not just fun, but meaningful.

Corey Turner
Corey Turner, owner of FurBallFun.com, draws on a lifelong love for dogs and extensive pet ownership to offer a unique perspective in the pet industry. With a successful background in project management, he excels in critical analysis, precise attention to detail, and quality assurance. This expertise allows him to effectively differentiate true value from marketing hype in the pet sector. Corey’s contributions have been featured in various publications including Rockery Press Guide Books and WealthofGeeks.com. During his free time, he enjoys disc golfing, rock climbing, and bonding with his cherished FurBall friend, Harvey.