Tutu the Corgi Wows in a Watermelon Helmet, Taking TikTok by Storm!

Corgi giving the side eye look.
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Corgis undeniably charm with their short legs and fluffy fur, capturing hearts with playful antics and boundless energy. In a delightful video from TikToker @corgitutu, meet a corgi sporting an adorable watermelon helmet hat that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

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As the video begins, we’re introduced to “Tutu” (the corgi’s name), who proudly sports a watermelon helmet fashioned by his creative owner. TikToker @corgitutu, known for sharing delightful corgi moments, is known for capturing Tutu’s adorable escapades.

The video unfolds as Tutu struts towards the camera, flaunting the unconventional headgear. The watermelon helmet, carved to fit his head perfectly, adds a comical yet endearing touch to his already charming appearance. It’s clear that Tutu is loving every moment of his fruity fashion statement.

See Video: Tutu the Watermelon Hat-Wearing Corgi

As Tutu approaches the camera, showing off the watermelon helmet, another sibling corgi comes over to investigate. The corgi gives Tutu a couple of sniffs as if to say, “What’s this all about?” It’s a classic moment of sibling rivalry mixed with curiosity, and it’s utterly adorable.


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Tutu, undeterred by the sibling’s curiosity, gives back a playful side-eye and slight snarl before returning to be cute for the camera and continuing to enjoy the watermelon helmet. Tutu prances around, all while proudly donning the fruity headwear. The video perfectly captures Tutu’s infectious enthusiasm and zest for life.

Commenters on TikTok couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts. @kappo_ardeum exclaimed, “I love how the corgi was like, “don’t touch my helmet” to the other corgi 🍉🐶.” Meanwhile, @puppersandmelon chimed in, “This is the content I signed up for! Tutu, you rock that watermelon hat!” Lastly, @corgicrazy_4u shared a relatable sentiment, saying, “I can’t stop smiling! Tutu is the epitome of corgi cuteness 🥰.”

Corgis, with their boundless energy and playful spirit, have a unique way of bringing joy into our lives. This heartwarming video reminds us of the creativity and love that goes into making our furry friends happy, even if it means fashioning a watermelon helmet that becomes the talk of the corgi town.

In a world filled with stress and uncertainties, Tutu’s watermelon helmet is a refreshing reminder that a little creativity and a lot of love can turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary. After all, who wouldn’t smile at the sight of a corgi proudly parading around in a watermelon helmet?

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