Top 7 Best Dog Toys for 2022 

When it comes to toys, nearly every dog loves them. They provide entertainment, can clean  their teeth, help them relax, and even give them something to cuddle. But there are so many  types of toys, and not every toy matches every dog. So, what makes a good toy, and which ones  stand out among dog fans? 

Let’s dive in. 

Why Do Dogs Need Toys? 

Dog toys provide mental stimulation, give them something to chew, and can help us with training and behavior modification. 

Dogs get bored, and they need regular exercise. A good toy can not only give them something  to do physically but will excite their brain. Our companions need something to chew on and  keep themselves busy with while we’re working or away. 

Toys provide mental stimulation, too. Play and entertainment minimize the risk of destructive  or attention-seeking behaviors. By offering a variety of toys, around six to eight for each pet, you’ll provide them with unique options that keep them from getting bored with the toy. Try  introducing just a few at a time and rotating which ones you choose. It’ll keep things interesting  for your furry friend. 

Toys are an excellent way to teach your dog to relax. 

Chewable toys and products encourage your dog to relax and focus just on what they’re doing.  It’s like your dog can truly “zen out” when chewing, which can be very helpful for anxious dogs  and when you need to provide comfort during something stressful, like a storm. 

Now that you understand why toys are so important, let’s talk about the best new dog toys of  2022 for your pet. 

The Top 7 Dog Toys for the Happiest Pet in 2022 

Here on we’ve reviewed the best soft toys, analyzed the best ball toys, and even provided you with some really unique dog toys. But today we narrowed the lists and focused on which of these toys could be the top 7 best dog toys for this year…

West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy 

The Qwizl has a variety of uses and is a great all-around toy. Dogs can push it around and fetch it. And, of course, it’s great for chewing and teething puppies. The Qwizl is designed to be  extremely durable and stand-up powerful chewers. It also floats, so if you enjoy taking your dog  and their toys to the beach or pool, you won’t lose track of it.

One of the best features is the long-lasting treat dispenser. An opening in the center and  smaller openings along the middle and edges make it great for bully sticks, dental chews,  carrots, or biscuits. When you stuff it with treats, even stubborn dogs will likely start enjoying  the Qwizl. You can also smother it in peanut butter (a long-standing puppy favorite). It’s also dishwasher-safe. 

As an alternative you can also try the straight Hurley Bone made by West Paw. Essentially the same thing without the treat dispenser section. We have had this toy for more than 3 years and Harvey hasn’t put a dent in it at all.  While not his favorite of all time, if I show interest in it he will definitely play.  It makes for a wonderful travel toy and one that can stay out in the weather as well. Check out the Hurley Bone by West Paw.

SPOT Skinneeez Stuffless Dog Toy with Squeaker 

According to reviews, dogs seem obsessed with the Skinneeez stuffing-free toy. The flattened  toy can be easily carried around, thrown, and makes for a great game of tug-o-war. While the  squeaker is there, reviews talk more about dogs enjoying the shape. They can walk around with  it without problems and shake it to their hearts’ content. See our full review of the Skinneeez Chipmunk here. Harvey love’s his and we will continue to purchase this line of toys from Spot. 

The Spot toy chart puts the Skinneeez line, offered in extremely durable versions, on the farthest end-perfect for high-energy dogs that want to attack their toys. 

Spot offers the Forest Series in 14 inches and 23 inches. They are stuffless toys that are designed after typical forest animals. The smaller size is good for smaller dogs, and, of course, bigger dogs will likely enjoy the large size. We do recommend avoiding designs that have too many appendages. For instance, they have a chicken one that might be ok for the smaller dog, but a chewer like Harvey is going to remove those legs real quick. The flatter units like the rabbit, fox, squirrel, raccoon, chipmunk, etc, are the way to go.

The toy is on the typical scale of durability. Still, because there’s no interior stuffing to worry about, it’s so much easier to clean up. If your dog tears it up, it’s not too expensive to simply replace it. That easy clean-up can be worth replacing it. Moreover, the toy is machine washable, which is nice because it will inevitably be covered in slobber. Sure to be a favorite for your fur friend, pick up a Spot Skinneeez toy today!  

KONG Cozy Marvin Moose 

Plush toys can appeal to two very different types of dogs. If yours is a cuddler, they may enjoy snuggling with it, sleeping with it, and carrying it around like a friend. If your dog is more interested in getting to that squeaker, they might tear at it until they can get it out. Kong Cozies are very durable and fun for stuffed animal-loving dogs. They’re super soft, available in several cute animal designs, and relatively durable. 

Whether they’re squeaker hunting or looking for a buddy to take to bed, the Kong plushie is a  great option. Kong is a well-loved brand, so you know you can trust them with making a high quality stuffed animal. If your dog does love to tear these apart, they’ll probably get to the squeaker relatively quickly, but if that brings them joy, then no harm, no foul. 

Kong Cozies are offered in two sizes and over ten animal and color options, including the moose mentioned above, an elephant, and a sheep. They can be a security and calming item, and you  can throw them right in the wash when they get dirty. 

Hear Doggy Flatties 

Top 7 Best Dog Toys for 2022

This Plush Gator Toy can confuse owners because when you press the squeaker, you won’t hear anything. But your dog will, and they’ll love it. The silent squeaker is perfect for when you need it a bit quieter, like during a meeting, because you live in an apartment, or late at night. 

The Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker uses “chew guard technology,” making the seams stronger and  providing a durable lining. They might still tear or show wear, but reviews have shown that they  don’t rip apart easily. Of course, if any dog is determined enough, they might rip it apart. The  good news is that they aren’t too expensive to replace. 

Top 7 Best Dog Toys for 2022

Obviously, the real appeal is that silent squeaker, which is great for us pet owners. Even some  dogs seemed to think it was entertaining based on reviews. Some reviews talked about how squeaking it out of sight made dogs go crazy looking for it. It’s a great option for when you want  your dog to have the fun of a squeaker but need to keep things a bit more low-key. 

Six different Hear Doggy Silent Squeaker animals are available, including an alligator, pig,  giraffe, chicken, cow, and elephant.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

This is perhaps the most popular toy dog owners purchase for their pet. With over 100,000 5 star reviews it shouldn’t go as a surprise that the ball is still a top choice for dogs and owners alike. Pet parents rave about the durability of this ball…saying some of the toughest chewers have had their ChuckIt Ultra Ball for more than a year. 

So what makes this ball different from any other ball?  Some features of the ChuckIt Ultra Ball include: an extra-thick rubber core, high-bounce rubber, lightweight and buoyant, bright colors, and easy to clean.

The natural, high-bounce rubber, encourages dogs to leap and jump for more stimulating games of fetch. Featuring an extra-thick rubber core these dog fetch toys are durable for long-term use, yet lightweight and buoyant as water toys for dogs. Chuckit! Ultra balls are strong dog toys that hold up to dirt and slobber and are easy to wipe clean. The bright orange and blue design grabs dogs’ Attention in the air and can be easily spotted in tall grass or on water. It also comes in five sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large, dogs of all sizes can enjoy fetch with the Chuckit! Ultra Ball. So be sure to pick the size appropriate for your pup. 

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is compatible with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher for dogs, enhancing fetch with slobber-free pickup and long-distance throws. Designed to bounce higher, float better, last longer, and stand out from the rest, don’t miss this top pick toy for you pup, get one here today!

Chuckit! Indoor Tumble Bumper

Top 7 Best Dog Toys for 2022

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at the indoor version of ChuckIt’s famous dog toys. Now, to be clear, there is no toy out there that will last forever.  So, while you may see high ratings on a toy and thousands of 5 star reviews, there are inevitably those that don’t luck out.  Maybe they got a poorly made unit, or maybe their pup is just an ace at finding the weak spots. Whatever the reason, note that for every toy on our list(s), experiences may differ. 

With that said, I have first hand experience of dog sitting medium size pups that own the indoor ChuckIt toys. The collie I sat for has the ball and absolutely loves it.  She has played with this toy for the past 6 months and the owners report it’s still going strong. The corgi has the Bumper, which is just an elongated soft stick design. It too has lasted several months. 

Harvey on the other hand was able to finally destroy the flying squirrel in about 3 months time.  He chewed the corner pieces off to a point of no return. However, would we buy it again…absolutely!  Why you might ask? Well, for one it did last 3 months and that is good enough for me. Two, Harvey loved it! Not only would he play with it but he brought it to bed every night and sort of used it as a pillow to rest his head upon. Finally, for indoor use it is a great toy.  I can toss it when we are relaxing on the couch watching TV and he has the desire to play. No matter where I toss it, there is less likelihood of it ricocheting off something and both of us being “in the dog house”. 

Coming in 7 different designs each with that famous ChuckIT coloring and style, the indoor version of this toy is a hit with dogs and owners alike. Add this to your cart and your dog will love you for it!

Outward Hound Puppy Hide N’ Slide

Ninna Ottoson has been designing and creating dog toys for 25 years.  This collaboration with Outward Hound is now the number one toy on Amazon.  With over 80,000 ratings dog owners love stimulating their pets. The puzzles are perfect to challenge your puppy’s mind and senses. While humans use vision to navigate the world, dogs use their keen sense of smell to gather information, problem solve, and forage for food. By providing your puppy with daily puzzles and games, you are enriching your dog’s life in ways that other toys and activities can’t.

Coming in with over 20 different puzzles and game designs, there are plenty of options to choose from.  However, we don’t recommend designs that have removable pieces.  And, short of sounding like a broken record, be sure to always supervise play time with this toy. We use it with Harvey for limited treats and dog food.  It has helped slow down his feeding a bit more, and combined with the slow feeder bowls on this list, your dog too can eat at a healthy rate. 

Top 7 Best Dog Toys for 2022

The puzzle dog toys come in multiple levels of difficulty. However, we chose the intermediate level as it doesn’t have removable pieces and seems to be the most fun for Harvey. With two types of hiding spots for snacks or kibble and a total of 14 treat compartments: under the swiveling flippers and in the hollow sliding blocks. You can vary the difficulty level by placing treats just under the flipper for newcomers. Once your puppy gets the hang of it, you can increase the challenge by placing the treats in the hollow block, and watching your dog try to figure out how to slide it back and forth to release the treat into the flipper compartment. Made from food safe materials that are BPA, PVC and phthalate-free so you can feel safe playing with your dog over and over again! Easy to clean with warm water and soap. Try this for some unique bonding time and something a bit different then the other toys on our list. 

How We Picked The Top 7 Dog Toys

You might think these picks are just random choices based on how cute or cheap the toy seems to be. The truth is, we started with our other list of great toys and picked the best of the best from that list. We then applied a bit of science through collective behavior. Which is a fancy way of saying we looked at the ratings for each toy on Amazon…did buyers like it?  We dug in a bit further to see what people did or didn’t like about it.  Finally we did some home testing…having purchased all of the toys for Harvey, we let him choose his favorites.  

So there you have it…perhaps not the most scientific method, and of course there are going to be those that like the alternatives on our other lists. But if Harvey likes it and it has a ton of positive reviews, there’s a good chance your pup won’t complain. 

Supervise Play Time!

This should go without saying but we’re going to say it…over and over and over. There is no indestructible toy on the market today! If your dog is determined and left unsupervised they can and will eventually bite off a chunk, rip open, or totally destroy any toy you provide them.  And while we want to provide our pups with the most fun, stimulating, and safe products, nothing beats having the attention of their owners watching over them as they play. 

Much like a child, supervised play can be one of the best ways to bond with your furbaby.  However, children learn from their mistakes.  And while dogs are more intelligent than we think, they do not understand the dangers of swallowing or chewing human made products.  So please, from the bottom of the family, check on your pet toys regularly, switch them out frequently, and don’t be afraid to throw them away and get new ones…a $10 toy could not only save your thousands in a vet visit, but also save your dog’s life.

Are These Your Top Dog Toy Picks?

We want to hear from you.  Help the community know if you have a toy your furball friend really enjoys and has lasted a long time. With each new toy Harvey tries out we will do a review and let you know the good and bad ones.  Although he is a super dog in our eyes, he is only one dog.  And though he might like the opportunity to try every toy available, we need your help.  So leave a comment and let us know what you think about the toys on this list and any others worth checking out.

“Please tell my owners which toy to buy next” – Harvey

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