10 Things People Say Haven’t Returned To “Normal”: Post-Pandemic!

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Welcome, fellow time-travelers! As we navigate the post-pandemic landscape, it’s evident that while some aspects of our pre-COVID lives have returned, others seem to be on an extended vacation. We’ve embarked on a quest to unearth those charming relics of yesteryear that, for reasons unknown, have yet to make a triumphant return.

So, buckle up for a light-hearted journey through the peculiarities of the post-pandemic world. Get ready to nod in agreement, chuckle in recognition, and perhaps wonder, “Wait, is that still a thing?” Here are a few delightful oddities that are still playing hard to get into the grand reunion of normalcy!

Used Car Prices

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Reflecting on the situation, one commentator noted: “Yes! This **** is insane! I need to buy my daughter a car so I can have mine back, but I can’t in good conscience spend 10k on a car with 150k miles on it!”

The frustration over the skyrocketing prices of used cars reflects the challenges many face in affording reliable transportation. The individual’s concern about spending a significant amount on a high-mileage car highlights the impact of market conditions on personal budgets.

24-Hour Stores and Restaurants

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As one individual astutely observed: “24-hour stores and restaurants. There are probably way less than half as there used to be.” “I honestly didn’t realize this until a month or two ago.”

The nostalgia for 24-hour stores and restaurants reflects a change in accessibility and convenience. The surprise at the reduced operating hours of familiar establishments highlights the shift in consumer expectations and the impact on daily routines but also might be a reflection of the lack of resources and available help to keep the stores open.

Customer Service

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Highlighting a prevalent sentiment, a user expressed: “A lot of places that reduced services for ‘health and safety’ seem to have decided it saves too much money to bring back. Many hotels aren’t doing daily service, fast-casual restaurants are leaning heavily towards take-out and delivery.” “Customer service in general. Pharmacy employees are staging walk-outs due to understaffing, hold times for any phone support, or just informing you all associates are busy and hanging up.”

The dissatisfaction with reduced customer services, such as housekeeping in hotels and pharmacy walk-outs, reveals the strain on service industries. The mention of employees walking out due to understaffing and extended hold times reflects the challenges faced by workers and the impact on customer experience.

People’s Patience

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In a noteworthy comment, someone emphasized: “People’s patience” “And attention spans, tho I wouldn’t blame that entirely on it”

The observation of diminishing patience and attention spans suggests a broader societal shift in tolerance levels. Acknowledging that it might not entirely be attributed to specific factors implies a complex interplay of various influences on people’s behavior.

Fitting Rooms

Empty changing rooms
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One user’s perspective shed light on the matter: “Places closed fitting rooms and instead of reopening them, they just tore them out. Clothing brands differ so much in sizes, I need to be able to try them on before I buy them!” “Fitting rooms are the only reason I still go to brick and mortar stores instead of online shopping. These places are taking away one of the only advantages they still have over online shopping! How do they not see that.”

The frustration with the closure and removal of fitting rooms in stores reflects the challenges of buying clothing without the ability to try it on. The comparison to online shopping highlights the importance of maintaining in-store advantages to attract customers.

GP Appointments

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This user pointed out: “Getting a GP appointment.” “The fact that the only time you can get an appointment is if you’re NOT sick absolutely infuriates me.”

The struggle to secure timely GP appointments, particularly when feeling unwell, underscores challenges within healthcare systems. The frustration expressed indicates the impact of appointment availability on individuals seeking medical care.

Social Interactions

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Sadly, people seem less interested in: “Friendships/relationships. It’s not that we don’t want to spend time together, but we all seem so collectively exhausted and isolated.” “I’m surprised I had to scroll down so far to find this. I don’t remember ever being this isolated before. I’ve been finding different ways to cope, but I miss the times when friends were pretty much always around.”

The exhaustion and isolation mentioned in relation to friendships and relationships highlight the toll of recent events on social interactions. The collective feeling of fatigue and the search for coping mechanisms reflect broader societal challenges in maintaining social connections.

Road Rage and Bad Driving

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Perhaps spending so much time indoors made us all forget how to use turn-signals, one user suggested: “Road rage incidents and bad driving have continued to be atrocious. I thought it was bad before, but it ramped up during the pandemic and it’s still bad. It’s like everyone is playing Grand Theft Auto in single-player mode without a care for everyone else on the roads going about their business.” “Drivers are WILD these days. Wild.”

The observation of increased road rage and aggressive driving behavior suggests a negative shift in driving etiquette. The comparison to playing Grand Theft Auto emphasizes the reckless and self-centered nature of some drivers, contributing to road safety concerns.

School Attendance and Behavior

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One concerned user mentioned: “Attendance at schools. The number of absences is like nothing I’ve seen in over 30 years in education.”

This brought out a few other points worth highlighting: “And behavior in schools has completely gone to pieces, as well as children’s resilience at doing anything remotely challenging.”

These comments highlight a significant concern regarding the future generation’s ability to be capable of “bouncing back” from catastrophic occurrences.

Distorted Sense of Time

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This is so true…”I don’t know about y’all but the sense of time is messed up. It’s like 3 years of my timeline is missing.”

The discussion on a distorted sense of time reflects a shared sentiment among users, suggesting a collective struggle in making sense of the temporal aspect, possibly influenced by the unique challenges of the past few years.

From the quirky echoes of pre-pandemic life to the unexpected twists in our routines, these anecdotes paint a vivid picture of the new normal. As we navigate this uncharted terrain, one thing is certain—our shared experiences, whether bizarre or heartwarming, continue to weave the fabric of our post-pandemic world. So, as we raise our glasses to the past and embrace the uncertainties of the future, let’s celebrate the resilient spirit that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. After all, in this rollercoaster ride, the only constant is change, and perhaps, a shared laugh at the quirks that make our ‘new normal’ uniquely ours.


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