10 Rare Kitten Breeds In The World

The world of feline breeds can be eye-opening to those of us who find our feline friends at the local rescue. But nonetheless we all can appreciate the uniqueness of a perfect purring pet. So, let’s look at some of the rarest of the rare.

Here are some of the rarest kitten breeds that add a touch of mystery and uniqueness to the realm of adorable companions. From captivating coat patterns to distinctive genetic quirks, these rare breeds are the hidden gems of the cat kingdom.

Russian Blue: The Subtle Elegance

Russian Blue cat breed standing
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Known for their shimmering silvery-blue coat and striking green eyes, Russian Blues are a rare breed that exudes subtle elegance. These reserved and intelligent cats are not only a visual delight but also make for devoted and gentle companions.

How Much Do Russian Blue Cats Cost?

Russian Blue Cat Breed laying down
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Prices for purchasing a cat from a breeder can fluctuate based on the kitten’s lineage. Prospective cat owners interested in a Russian Blue should anticipate spending between $500 and $2,500 when obtaining from a breeder, although you can actually find these cats at a local rescue. While adoption from a rescue typically ranges from $100 to $500, you might not have a true pure bred Russian Blue.

Caracat: The Hybrid Marvel

Caracat cat breed collage
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A rare and exotic crossbreed between a Caracal and an Abyssinian cat, the Caracat is a marvel of feline genetics. With tufted ears and a sleek coat, these hybrids embody the wild beauty of their Caracal ancestors, creating a truly unique and captivating presence.

Khao Manee: The Diamond-Eyed Beauty

Khao cat breed looking right at camera
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Known as the “White Gem,” the Khao Manee is a rare Thai breed distinguished by its pure white coat and captivating heterochromatic eyes, which can be blue, green, or gold. These stunning cats are not only rare but also carry a rich history of being considered symbols of good luck and fortune.

How Much Does A Khao Cat Cost?

Khao cat breed kitten with dual color eyes
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Given the exquisite beauty and rarity of the Khao Manee, it’s reasonable that these remarkably intelligent and playful felines come with a high price tag. Typically acquired from breeders, the cost of obtaining one of these cats ranges from $7,000 to $11,000. The Khao Manee holds a royal status in Thailand, having been exclusively kept by the Thai royal family and nobility in the past. Revered as sacred, these cats were believed to bring good luck and prosperity, further contributing to their perceived value due to their rarity and distinctive appearance.

Korat: The “Good Luck” Charm

Korat cat breed collage
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Originating from Thailand, the Korat is considered a symbol of good luck. Recognized by its short silver-tipped blue coat and large green eyes, this breed is not only rare but also steeped in cultural significance. Korats are affectionate, playful, and bring an extra dose of fortune to their lucky owners.

Turkish Van: The Swimming Cat

Turkish Van Cat breed looking up at camera
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Famous for its love of water and distinctive color pattern, the Turkish Van is a rare breed that hails from the rugged mountains of Turkey. With its semi-longhair coat and unique bi-color markings, the Turkish Van is not just a rare gem but also a playful and adventurous companion.

Chartreux: The French Mystery

Chartreux cat breed collage
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The Chartreux, with its robust build and distinctive blue-gray coat, is a rare French breed that carries an air of mystery. Known for their quiet demeanor and copper or gold eyes, Chartreux cats are a rare delight that combines elegance with an enigmatic charm.

LaPerm: The Curl-Coated Wonder

LaPerm cat breed kitten
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The LaPerm is a rare breed known for its distinctive curly coat, which can be long or short. These cats have a charming and affectionate nature, making them a delightful addition to any household. The rarity of their curly fur adds an extra layer of uniqueness to their appeal.

Sokoke: The African Treasure

Sokoke Cat breed collage
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Originating from the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest in Kenya, the Sokoke is a rare and naturally spotted breed. With its distinctive coat pattern and slender build, the Sokoke is a true African treasure that brings a touch of the wild to the world of domestic cats.

Cymric: The Tailless Wonder

Cymric cat breed with short tail
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A rare variety of the longhaired Manx, the Cymric is known for its taillessness or very short tail. This genetic rarity adds an element of intrigue to this already charming breed. Cymrics are playful, social, and possess a distinctive appearance that sets them apart.

Peterbald: The Bare Beauty

Peterbald Cat Breed
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The Peterbald is a rare breed that stands out for its nearly hairless coat. Known for their sleek bodies and large ears, these cats have a striking appearance that sets them apart from other breeds. Peterbalds are not just rare; they also make affectionate and outgoing companions.

Rare and Extraordinary!

Woman petting her rare cat
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In the world of feline wonders, these rare breeds stand as a testament to the diversity and uniqueness that cats bring into our lives. Each one is a rare gem, offering a blend of beauty, mystery, and distinctive characteristics. If you’re looking to add an extra touch of rarity to your life, consider welcoming one of these extraordinary breeds into your home.

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