How Much Is A Yorkie Puppy?

Over the past several years Yorkie Puppies have become popular breeds due to the increase of celebrities flaunting these adorable furball friends. Famous people such as Simon Cowell, Steven Tyler, Betty White, and Britney Spears have all delighted us with their Yorkie selfies. And why not? With their tiny stature and cute button noses this small breed can fit in the palm of your hand or designer purse…making for the perfect sidekick on any daily outing. 

If you’re curious about the Yorkie and looking for a pup we applaud this endeavor and suspect one of your top questions to be “how much is a Yorkie Puppy”?

Often a new addition to your family comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Never fear, here at we provide answers to questions such as how much is a Yorkie puppy along with a lot more information around this breed.

What Is A Yorkshire Terrier? 

How Much Is A Yorkie Puppy? 

A Yorkie is a nickname for the Yorkshire Terrier. These little silky lions are considered in the toy dog category weighing between 5 and 7 pounds. 

Their long hair is black and tan, or tri-colored colors and frames their tiny 6-9” bodies. It should be silky-smooth, long, and glossy that looks like a ladies’ straight hair. 

These small dogs have a proportioned body with a medium-sized muzzle and a fluffy tail. 

Reputable breeders will place a breed standard above making money. This ensures that a purebred Yorkie will possess the physical and personality traits of the breed. 

No matter if you are looking for your purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a professional breeder or a pet shop, a good idea is to arm yourself with knowledge about your future family member. 

Let’s look at the five different Yorkie breeds:

1. Parti Yorkie 

These Yorkie puppies are tri-colored, which really makes them stand out. You may even find that people are approaching you to ask what type of dog you have. 

2. Teacup Yorkies 

At 5-7 lbs, and between 6-9 inches, a Yorkshire Terrier is already one of the small dog breeds. 

Teacup Yorkies are so small you can actually put them in one of your pockets. And although their lifespan can be up to 15 years, their incredibly small size makes them prone to all kinds of medical conditions. Some of these include dental problems, liver shunts, patellar luxation, and collapsing tracheas. You want to be sure you can cover the medical costs that will almost certainly accompany this tiny-sized dog. 

3. Black Yorkies 

An all-black Yorkie is a very rare dog, but you can find them if you use a reputable breeder with the AKC. Although their coat is different, these all-black Yorkie puppies have the same larger-than-life personalities of their standard coated relatives. 

4. Mismarked Yorkies 

If a Yorkie pup has a color combination other than black & gold, blue & tan, black & tan or black & gold, it is considered mismarked. 

This would prevent your pup from being a show dog. The upside is most breeders will offer them at a lower price because of their coat color. 

So if your goal is to have a feisty family pet, a white spot on your pup’s chest won’t matter one bit. 

5. Biewer Terriers 

In 2014,this breed of Yorkshire Terrier was added to the Foundation Stock Service of the AKC. DNA markers indicating the pup’s parents and heritage are used to recognize this purebred dog. 

No matter which size or color you decide upon, you can use a reputable breeder to find the most loyal and lively member of your family. 

Why Get A Yorkie?

Initially, the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to catch rats. These days you’re more apt to find them cuddled up in someone’s lap! 

Most owners will tell you that their Yorkie thinks he’s a German Shephard. They truly have no idea how tiny they are in their big personalities. 


They are energetic, and active and will make themselves a part of your daily routines – whether you want that or not! 


Yorkies are loyal and protective. So much so that they can develop jealous or over-protective tendencies. Good training and plenty of exercise will help to deter this. 


Their yappy, incessant barking is probably one of the few negative qualities you will hear about. This comes in handy when unwanted people come to the door. 

Since this is a trait that is learned, proper socialization with people and other animals when your Yorkie pup is young will help him to become a well-adjusted adult. 

And a good breeder will not release your Yorkshire Terrier pup until about 3 mos of age, ensuring socialization and learning from his parents and siblings. 

Good Companions 

Yorkies are highly confident dogs, contrary to what you’ll see getting toted around in a purse! It’s this confidence that makes them excellent companions or even therapy dogs. 

Working Dogs 

Even though they come in a tiny package, a Yorkshire Terrier was bred to be a working dog. They won’t need as much exercise as a larger dog, but they will need time to get in daily exercise and play to keep their behavior in check. 

What To Expect From Owning A Yorkie 

Now that you know a bit about the general breed characteristics of the Yorkie, let’s take a look at what you can expect a Yorkshire Terrier pup to cost, how much food will be, and what health conditions may occur. 

How Much Should A Yorkie Pup Cost? 

A lot of factors will determine the cost of your Yorkie Pup. Things like whether or not they have papers, the color of their coat and their size are all factors that can affect the price of a yorkie. 

Backyard breeders may charge anywhere from $300 – $800, usually without papers.

A reputable breeder will charge between $800 and $2000 for purebred Yorkshire Terriers with papers. 

And those adorable Teacup Yorkies? You’ll be paying between $1200 to $2000+ for your furry pocket pal. This high priced breed is often seen carried around by celebrities.  

If these expenses seem daunting, you could search shelters and rescue groups. You’ll be paying an adoption fee around $100-$300 to rehome a Yorkie. These costs are incurred when the pup is nursed back to health, vaccinated and sterilized. 

Yorkie Average Cost Comparison Chart

CriteriaFemale Puppy (0-1yrs)Female Adult (1+yrs)Male Puppy (0-1yrs)Male Adult (1+yrs)
AKC Registered$2500$1500$2300$1300
Breeder (no register)$1000$800$1000$600
Private Seller$500$500$500$500
Champion/Show Quality Bloodline+$500+$500+$500+$500
Teacup Breed$2000$1800$1500$1000

These are average prices and could vary depending on various factors.  Like anything in the world, where you live affects pricing, the overall supply and demand, and general social popularity. Further criteria such as coat colors and whether it being a purebred or not all play a factor in cost. Do your research so you know what to look for…

How Much Is Food For A Yorkie? 

How Much Is A Yorkie Puppy? 

Yorkies need to nurse up to 8 weeks old. At that point they can be switched to puppy food. 

Because the Yorkie is a toy breed, they also have a small appetite. Thankfully, food will probably be the smallest expense involved in owning a Yorkie pup. 

Yorkshire Terrier pups should be fed 3-4 times power day from ages 3mos to 11 mos. This keep them at a consistent energy level during the day and will reduce the risk of low blood sugar levels. 

From 1-6 years, you can move feedings to 3 times per day. Senior Yorkies 7yrs or older should be fed twice a day. The meals slow down as their age progresses to aid in digestion since their metabolism slows down. 

The average price for food per month will run about $20-$50. 

How Much Are Health Costs For A Yorkshire Terrier? 

How Much Is A Yorkie Puppy? 

Health care for your Yorkie involves vet and grooming. Nail trims, hair trims and keeping eyes and ears clear and clean are part of an on-going grooming routine. Depending on how much you outsource, you can pay between $60-$600 per month. 

Vet care with a Yorkshire Terrier is a feast or famine event. Some months you won’t go at all, while other months will feel as though you visit every day. 

Here is a list of some of the more common ailments and health problems of Yorkshire Terriers. We’ve already mentioned hypoglycemia, which is regulated with feedings. Yorkies are also prone to PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), cataracts, bronchitis, and PSS (portosystemic shunt syndrome). 

Along with these, Yorkies have digestive issues that give them very sensitive stomachs. 

Unfortunately their small size contributes to them being accidentally injured by other dogs as well as their owners. 

Pet Insurance 

To combat excessive vet expenses, some Yorkie owners opt for pet insurance. It usually costs around $20-$100 per month and some policies even cover emergency treatments. 

Most have you pay an initial sum as well as maximum payouts per treatment, so research carefully before you purchase to be sure it will pay for what you need. Discuss with your vet to see which plans they like since they will be familiar with both sides of the plans. 

Yorkie Annual Costs

Although we might have covered some of these above, it’s good to review potential annual costs.  Not all listed will in fact be something you need or choose to purchase, but just in case…

Yorkie Additional Costs Table

DescriptionAverage Annual Cost
Veterinary Care$500 – $1000
Preventative Medication$300 – $600
Pet Insurance (for emergencies)$800 for accident/illness, $300 for accident only
Vaccinations$100, check if your breeder has done this already
Crates/Beds/Blankets$100 – $500

The costs for Yorkie owners can add up quickly. Although little dogs like the Yorkie dog breed may eat less dog food than say a larger dog, and hopefully health conditions don’t become a common problem. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Yorkie 

How Much Is A Yorkie Puppy? 

Now that you know more about the Yorkshire Terrier breed, here is some guidance to use when choosing your furry friend. 

  1. Use a reputable breeder. You can search the AKC website. 
  2. Find a local breeder and visit in-person before purchasing a puppy. Ask when the litter was born, what food the pup is on and vaccination schedules. 
  3. Make sure the environment is clean and sanitary. 
  4. Where are the puppies most of the time? Indoors is best as they can socialize with littermates and the human family. 
  5. Meet the parents, especially the mother. You want a happy, friendly mom without nervousness or aggression. 
  6. Puppies should be older than 10-12 weeks. 
  7. Ask Yorkshire Terrier related questions to make sure the breeder actually knows the Yorkie breed. 
  8. Look over the pup for clear eyes, clean ears, ticks, fleas, runny nose, and dull coat. If any bad traits are present, walk away. Find another breeder who is more responsible so you aren’t bringing problems home. 

Are Yorkies Good Pets? 

How Much Is A Yorkie Puppy? 

By this point, we’ve established the pros and cons of this little giant. Yorkies are loving, loyal, and brave dogs who desire to be part of the family. 

They need initial socialization to keep their yapping and barking in check. Although they are probably too prey-driven to behave with a small child in the house, an older child can be part of a Yorkie household with great success. 

With proper care, feeding, and exercise your Yorkie will bring joy to your home for years to come. If you are looking for a small dog breed check out our article on Shih-Tzu pups too.

Until next time…



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