11 High-Paying Professions: What People Say They Do for Work to Earn Six Figures

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Ever wondered what kind of jobs allow people to make six figures? We dove into a Reddit thread to find out how some individuals make a comfortable income.

Redditor u/Luffy_Tuffy posed the question: “For everyone making six figures, what do you do for work?” Plenty of people chimed in to share their own responses. From traditional careers to unconventional paths, here’s a glimpse of what they do and how they got there.

The Pharmacist

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  • Username: Pharmacykilledmysoul
  • Gross Salary: $100,000+
  • Experience: 18 years in retail
  • Comment: “I’ve been retail for 18 years. I think at this point it’s just the devil I know.”

The Crane Operator

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  • Username: wildarcher69
  • Gross Salary: $100,000+
  • Job: Crane operator in the oil industry
  • Work Schedule: 12-hour shifts, 1-1.5 hours on the crane per shift
  • Comment: “I took a cut in pay to get a job closer to home. I get $65 a day per diem, $900 a month vehicle allowance, $50 a month phone allowance, and free gas and lodging. Not a bad gig.”

The Aircraft Mechanic

Bearded young man aviation mechanic checking aircraft components while working in repair station
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  • Username: gimplegs
  • Gross Salary: $100,000+
  • Job: Aircraft mechanic
  • Comment: “That’s actually pretty interesting, most of the mechanics I know dont get paid much.”

The Bartender

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  • Username: dj_destroyer
  • Gross Salary: $80,000 to $110,000
  • Experience: 16 years
  • Comment: “Bartender for 16 years, started making around $80k and have slowly moved up to $110k.”

The Public Librarian

African American female librarian working on desktop PC at university library.
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  • Username: ZoyaZhivago
  • Gross Salary: $100,000+
  • Experience: 11+ years in California
  • Comment: “And I actually enjoy the work, too!”

The Mushroom Farmer

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  • Username: Brave_Badger_6617
  • Gross Income: High six figures
  • Occupation: Commercial gourmet mushroom farm owner
  • Comment: “I own a commercial gourmet mushroom farm bringing in high six figures.”

The Court Reporter

Lawyer working legal data contract at workplace.
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  • Username: paramore814
  • Gross Salary: $100,000+
  • Job: Court reporter/stenographer
  • Comment: “Send me a message if you want to know more!”

The Physician

Shot of beautiful female doctor talking while explaining medical treatment with digital tablet to patient in the consultation.
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  • Username: D2ReceptorBlockade
  • Gross Salary: Likely six figures or more
  • Occupation: Physician with $230k in debt
  • Comment: “Physician. 30. But also 230k in debt.”

    The Truck Driver

    Happy professional truck driver driving his truck and looking at camera. Copy space.
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    • Username: Copie247
    • Gross Salary: Around $150,000 to low $200,000
    • Occupation: Truck driver, specifically fuel transport and delivery

    The Sr. Project Manager

    Senior female ceo and multicultural business people discussing company presentation at boardroom table. Diverse corporate team working together in modern meeting room office. Top view through glass
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    • Username: Remote7777
    • Gross Salary: $200,000+ (with bonus)
    • Occupation: Senior Project Manager at a national land surveying firm working on large renewable energy projects

    The Carpenter

    Senior carpenter in uniform works on a woodworking machine at the carpentry manufacturing
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    • Username: HikingHill
    • Gross Salary: Six figures
    • Occupation: Carpenter in Oregon
    • Comment: “Foremans make about 120k”

    A Wide Spectrum of Rewarding Six-Figure Careers

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    These real-life stories provide insight into various careers that can lead to six-figure incomes, showcasing a wide range of options from traditional professions to unique and lesser-known jobs. Remember that while the salary is important, job satisfaction and work-life balance also play significant roles in career choices.

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