Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

Everything is bigger when you own a Great Dane. Their food requirements, exercise needs, people’s reactions to them when you are out on a walk together – everything is bigger! A Great Danes’ bed, of course, needs to be big also. So big in fact that your regular pet store may not necessarily stock beds in your big pooch’s size. Furballfun.com is here to help, with our list of extra large dog beds for Great Danes.

There are a number of things to look for when purchasing a bed for your gentle giant. In this article we’ll go over some of important factors you should consider and provide options to some of the best beds out there for these gentle giants. 

What should I look for in a dog bed for my Great Dane?

Great Dane owners suggest you consider the following: 

  • Dimensions – an XXL dog like a Great Dane needs a large sized bed,  and one that can support their significant weight too. 
  • Durability – crucial if you have a dog that chews or digs before they rest. 
  • Easy Cleaning – giant breeds collect more dirt and dust. Plus there’s the excessive drool factor! 
  • Orthopedic Support – owners say that this is the most important feature  a bed for a Great Dane should have. Great Danes’ joints are put under  more pressure than other dogs, so their bed should support that by  providing quality rest. 

Top Picks for Extra Large Great Dane Dog Beds

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed 

Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

This model offers lots of comfort for your dog and quality for you. The xxl dog bed dimensions are a massive 50 x 40 inches, so even the mightiest Great Dane can fit in easily. The 6-inch memory foam base will ease a big dog’s joint pain after an active (or inactive!) day, whilst the poly-filled top liner gives an added layer of softness that your dog will appreciate. The fabric is constructed from durable polyester and cotton twill; it makes this pet bed water resistant and easy to spot clean. 

Waterproof fabric also makes the bed easy to remove leftover dog hair. This extra-large pet bed can support a dog up to 200 lbs. in size. So with the large size dimensions and load this bed can take, your Great Dane can stretch out and  should sleep serenely. 

Is this the right dog bed for large dog breeds? Well, one drawback is that there is no additional fabric cover, making it not an ideal option for dogs that like to dig or chew their bed. However, with 18,000+ positive reviews for this bed on Amazon, I would say PetFusion is doing something right. Get this luxurious memory foam mattress dog bed for your largest dogs today: 

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

This orthopedic dog bed is another great model for giant breed dogs,  including your Great Dane. The Big Barker dog bed is an extremely comfortable and supportive pet bed that is made with top quality foam, fabric and handcrafted construction. In fact, the University of Pennsylvania said in a study of dog beds their data showed dogs displayed less signs of pain and had more mobility after using this model of Big Barker Beds after 28 days of sleeping. 

This orthopedic dog bed is made with thick layers of high-density memory and support foam. The unique suede cover (not often found on dog beds) not only looks and feels very luxurious, but it’s also fully removable and easy to clean.  It’s for the refined pooch with more refined tastes!  

Big Barker makes some of the best dog beds currently available for giant breeds.  Owners will never have to worry about their dog having enough space or being poorly supported while they sleep. It’s also made in the USA and comes with a ‘No Flatten’ 10-Year Warranty. For the ultimate dog bed with superior support, pick the Big Barker up here: 

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed 

Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

If on the rare chance your big Scooby Doo loves to curl up, get cozy and  warm when they sleep, one of the best dog bed options out there for them is  this donut-shaped bed from The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed. 

When you first unbox it you may be shocked that it is quite flat. But never fear!  It is just the vacuum sealing doing its job and it will slowly ‘inflate’. They’re like  those new beds purchased that come in a box and take a day to ‘settle’. 

All you need to do for this orthopedic dog bed however, is fluff it up! After this,  you will find that the fibers do a great job holding their shape. With bolsters  surrounding the large bed, your dog can rest their head in any location. 

You can easily take off the removable cover of this bed and put it in your  washing machine. Replacement covers are also available for purchase. This is also the best dog bed for calming your extra-large dog down before  sleeping and soothes them during storms. With 8 different color options and multiple sizes to choose from, you can make the right choice for your dog and you here:

Vehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed 

Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

When it comes to an indoor/outdoor dog bed option where your Great Dane can rest, you might want to think about this offering from Veehoo. This is a large bed that is great for cooling your doggo as it is an elevated bed, without any therapeutic foam. This large bed is made with a tear-resistant Textilene fabric, making it very breathable. 

The frame of the bed is made with powder-coated steel, so it is super sturdy and can take the load of any giant dog breed. It is easy to move around as it is lightweight.  

This dog bed is great for outside as it is resistant to mold, mildew, fleas and mites, so it can stay outside permanently.

This would not be the best dog bed though if your dog needs an orthopedic bed,  or your dog suffers from joint pain or is an older dog. It could be a good outdoor option for short periods of rest, but not a good supportive option for long sleeps. At the price point listed it makes for an awesome additional bed by the pool, or on the back patio. Give your pup somewhere to cool off after those hot afternoon walks, pick up a Vehoo Cooling Bed here:

Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa 

Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

This is a really cozy dog bed as it is not only very soft and luxurious, but it’s  big enough for large breeds like a Great Dane. If your Great Dane enjoys a sofa sit, but you want to reclaim your couch, this might be the solution you’re looking for! 

This large bed is a top choice as it has bolsters on half the bed, so it looks like  an open-ended sofa. This gives great head and neck support for your furry  best friend. The removable cover holds up fine in the washing machine and  comes with a comfy faux fur and micro suede finish. The interior is made with cooling orthopedic foam and the bolsters are filled with soft fibers, so they provide relief for your dog’s joint pain.

Furhaven has a few different models that vary in design.  This particular one has raised cushions on three sides for you dog to rest their head on or nestle into. It also as over 10 color choices and multiple foam types to pick from. This may be our pick for overall value as it is a great price point with a lot of options and receives a ton of positive customer reviews:

Benefits of Having a Good Dog Bed for Your Great Dane

  • Great Danes have unique proportions that often cause hip dysplasia. Orthopedic beds can be a long-term investment in your dogs overall health. A high-quality dog bed for these gentle giants will lower their risk of developing joint problems later in life.
  • Sometimes we all need a mental break and a moment of solitude. Your dog is no different. A comfortable bed can provide your dog with its own space. And who doesn’t love a big-dog love nugget.
  • A new bed can be just the answer you need to your big dogs trying to share the family furniture with you. Sure, we all love our dogs curling up with us, but over time extra-large dogs can put a dent in that comfy couch. 

Let’s Get Cozy…

So there you have it.  Our picks for the top choices of extra large dog beds for Great Danes.  As dog owners we only want the best for our Furball friends.  The right bed can help reduce health issues from hitting a dogs pressure points. Further, the high-quality dog beds on this list should last you and your best friend a long time. So post some pictures of your Great Dane curled up in their new bed and be sure to tag us at #fur.ball.fun.

Corey Turner
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