10 Everyday Actions That Define Your Character

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You might be surprised to discover that the seemingly insignificant quirks and nuances you exhibit daily paint a vibrant portrait of your personality. Personality tests, whether for employment purposes or self-discovery, are familiar territory, but let’s be honest, most of us have also indulged in the occasional (and perhaps slightly cliché) social media quiz. While these quizzes can be entertaining, they often lack depth and fail to capture the full spectrum of our individualities.

Instead of relying on external tools, let’s delve into the fascinating world of everyday actions as a window to the self. From the way you organize your workspace to your morning coffee ritual, each seemingly mundane act reveals valuable insights into your underlying traits, values, and habits.

Decoding Email Etiquette

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Studies on email etiquette have revealed interesting insights. For instance, narcissists favor personal pronouns, while extroverts discuss fun topics. Typos may reveal conscientiousness, while poor grammar hints at lower IQ. The length of emails reflects energy and thoroughness but can also indicate some level of neediness.

The Power of Your Gait

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Unearth your confidence levels by examining your walk. A measured, even stride with head held high signifies social adeptness, while a caved-in posture may indicate vulnerability. Celebrities and politicians swear by the “power walk,” a signal of confidence.

Nervous Tics Speak Volumes

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Nail-biting and finger-taping are physical manifestations of internal states. These “body-focused repetitive behaviors” seem to intensify with emotions like anxiety and stress, but some experts are hesitant to relate the two. Doctors from Novant Health state: “Most people with tics are not nervous or struggling with anxiety. In fact, they’re often Type A personalities — people who are leaders or get things done. In some cases, they can be people who exhibit some kind of obsessive-compulsive behavior.”

The type of tic a person exhibits may reveal traits; perfectionists tend to engage in actions that soothe boredom and dissatisfaction.

Retail Therapy and Personality

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Shopping habits unveil personality traits. Excessive shoppers may lean towards hedonism, extroversion, impulsiveness, and openness to new experiences. Those who shop for necessities tend to be agreeable and conscientious.

Time Tells: Punctuality

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Your arrival time communicates volumes about your personality. Punctual individuals often lean towards conscientiousness and agreeableness, i.e. rule followers. While chronic lateness may indicate self-focus or, in some cases, ADHD.

As described in Psych Central’s “Common Reasons Why You May Always Be Late” article some people are “time blind”, meaning they have difficulty in estimating the time it takes to perform a task or get ready for an event.

Eating Habits: A Mirror to Your Soul

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Beyond “you are what you eat,” how you eat reveals your personality. I’ve often noticed two types of eaters: those that finish their food fast and those that take their time. However, studies reveal there are two more: picky and adventurous eaters.

Slow eaters are often conscientious and may exhibit the need to be in control, while fast eaters may be ambitious or simply a bit impatient. Adventurous eaters seek thrills, and picky eaters may exhibit anxiety. Plate organization, or the way you place food on your plate, can also be a reflection of caution and attention to detail.

Selfie Psychology

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Your selfie-posting habits reveal more than just a love for snapshots. More frequent postings correlate with lower emotional stability but higher extroversion and value for relationships. Younger individuals show a more pronounced effect.

Clothes: More Than Fabric

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The style, cost, and color of your outfit expose a lot. Flashy clothes and designer accessories may signify insecurity and low self-esteem, seeking attention and fitting into a perceived highbrow culture. Creatives express themselves through clothing choices.

Handshake Insights

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In “The Psychology of the Handshake: An Exploration of Personality Traits and Interpersonal Impressions” by Michael Argyle, et al. (1970): This classic study found that handshake characteristics, such as firmness, duration, and hand temperature, were associated with various personality traits, including dominance, warmth, and anxiety. Participants who provided firm handshakes were perceived as more dominant and confident, while those with weak handshakes were perceived as less confident and anxious.,

This study suggests that a firm, brief handshake indicates confidence, while a limp one signals insecurity. The two-hand arm shake or palm-down shake reveals aggressiveness and dominance. Even wiping your hand after a shake sends a message. Studies show that firmer handshakes correlate with emotional expressiveness and extroversion.

Spending Habits in Relationships

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Your financial behavior reflects on your romantic relationships. Overspending, hiding money, or accumulating debt may indicate untrustworthiness and instability.

Ditch the generic quizzes and unlock the treasure trove of your personality through these insightful everyday behaviors.

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