Doggy Thanksgiving Feast: 5 Dishes For You and Your Pup

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, marking a time for gratitude and an opportunity to explore tantalizing new flavors. My canine companion, Harvey, and I eagerly anticipate the joyous festivities that come with this season.

The aroma of fresh pumpkin pie and Grandma’s sweet corn hash fills the air with a promise of culinary delights. However, as much as I revel in the prospect of savoring these delectable treats, I’m well aware that Harvey’s palate can’t indulge in the entirety of the Thanksgiving feast.

This realization has inspired me to embark on a mission: crafting a Doggy Thanksgiving Feast that caters to Harvey’s taste buds and ensures his safety and well-being.

A Doggy Thanksgiving Feast Menu

Our dog-safe Thanksgiving feast starts with a simple appetizer. As guests arrive or settle in to watch some football, there will inevitably be various plates of charcuterie passed around. This may include meats and cheese in our house but also a fruit and vegetable plate.

Appetizer: Fruits and Veggies

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While I don’t like to give Harvey table scraps straight off my plate, I will make up a bowl of plain fruits and veggies. Harvey loves blueberries, but we also let him munch on carrots and bananas. Just be sure to keep the veggie or fruit dip for yourself.

Main Course: Succulent Cooked Turkey

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential centerpiece – succulent cooked turkey. For Harvey’s plate, it’s crucial to ensure the turkey is boneless and free of seasonings. Remove the skin and excess fat, as these can be difficult for dogs to digest.

You can follow our How To Boil Chicken guide for the turkey. Roast or boil the turkey until fully cooked, and then let it cool before serving. Harvey will revel in the rich flavor, and you can take delight in providing a safe and delicious main course for your furry friend.

Side Dish 1: Plain Sweet Potatoes

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without sweet potatoes’ comforting presence. For Harvey’s plate, I prepare plain sweet potatoes by baking or boiling them. I like to cut them up into chunks or mash them a bit.

Avoid adding any seasonings or toppings that may be harmful to dogs. Sweet potatoes are not only a tasty treat but also packed with essential nutrients, making them a perfect side dish for your canine companion.

Side Dish 2: Green Beans Galore

Green beans add a delightful crunch and a touch of greenery to Harvey’s Thanksgiving feast. I ensure the green beans are fresh and cooked to a soft texture for easy digestion. Unlike his human counterpart, he doesn’t mind the green beans being a little mushy.

Avoid using butter or seasonings that may upset your pup’s stomach. These vibrant vegetables are a healthy addition to the meal, offering vitamins and fiber that contribute to your dog’s well-being.

Special Addition: Turkey Bone Broth

For an extra special treat, consider adding homemade bone broth to your dog’s Thanksgiving menu. Transforming leftover turkey bones into a savory elixir involves simmering them in water for an extended period, extracting rich nutrients and flavors. For an exceptional bone broth recipe crafted by a certified canine nutritionist, visit Katy’s recipe not only makes a fantastic addition to Thanksgiving dinner but is also a boon for your dog’s joint health.

Katy recommends incorporating bone broth into your dog’s diet two to three times a week. The versatility of this broth makes it an ideal addition to your pup’s Thanksgiving feast – pour it over the turkey or serve it as a standalone drink.

Beyond the holiday season, we love making bone broth overnight to enhance Harvey’s leftovers and ensure he enjoys the goodness regularly. This nourishing elixir isn’t just reserved for special occasions; it’s a comforting and health-boosting treat, especially during the colder months, benefiting both us and our furry friend. Cheers to a Thanksgiving feast that not only delights the palate but also supports your dog’s well-being!

Thanksgiving Feast Preparation Tips:

Don’t go into the holiday without putting some thought into it. The last thing you want to do on your holiday is spend the time taking care of a sick pup. Follow these tips to make it a special day for all!

  1. Portion Control: When preparing the feast, consider your dog’s size and dietary needs. Dogs, like humans, benefit from balanced portions to maintain their health.
  2. Avoid Harmful Ingredients: Steer clear of ingredients such as onions and certain spices, as they can be toxic to dogs. Stick to plain, dog-friendly versions of each dish to ensure Harvey’s safety.
  3. Supervise Consumption: While Harvey indulges in his Thanksgiving feast, keep a close eye on him to ensure he doesn’t overindulge or encounter any unexpected issues. I also think this tip relates to other family members…some may not realize your dog is being well-fed and doesn’t need additional “treats.”
  4. Hydration is Key: Provide fresh water for your dog as you normally would. Keep in mind the distraction of the day. Be sure you’re checking in on the four-legged family members as well as enjoying your company. Remember, much like humans, hydration can aid in digestion.

A Feast Fit for a Furry Friend

Thanksgiving is a celebration of family, and I believe that Harvey deserves a place at the table. To make this happen, I’ve taken on the challenge of creating a special feast exclusively for him. The centerpiece of his Thanksgiving plate is succulent cooked turkey, free of bones and seasonings that could pose a risk to his health.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Harvey and I eagerly anticipate not only the joyous reunions with family but also the creation of new traditions centered around our shared love for the season. Crafting a Doggy Thanksgiving Feast has become a delightful tradition, allowing me to express my gratitude for the unwavering companionship of my furry friend.

With a wagging tail and a plate full of canine delights, Harvey and I are ready to make this Thanksgiving a memorable celebration for both of us. After all, in our hearts, the true essence of Thanksgiving lies in the shared moments and the bonds that make this season truly special.

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