8 Pet Peeves That Make People Want to Scream!

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Having pet peeves is a universal experience, and everyone has their own set of things that really get under their skin. Redditor u/SunnyDayzzzzzzzz initiated the discussion by asking: “What are your biggest pet peeves and why?” Users from various corners of the internet chimed in and shared their top annoyances, ranging from minor nuisances to major aggravations. Here are some of the most common and relatable pet peeves that people just can’t stand:


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“I realize that everyone is guilty of this in some shape or form, but the key difference I think, is whether someone can admit that about themselves or not. it’s the ones who refuse to admit it that infuriate me.” – u/Opinionated-Femboy In response u/Nebula945 answers: “I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is a hypocrite, like it’s impossible to not be by just merely existing. However, it’s our job to minimize that hypocrisy. And yeah, refusing to admit any hypocrisy is infuriating.” It can be truly infuriating when someone can’t own up to their own contradictions. Self-awareness and humility go a long way in improving our interactions with others.

Motorcycle Road Takeovers

Motorcycle Rally
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“The large groups of motorcycles in a city that do road takeovers.” – u/never_stirred It’s not just about the road takeovers; it also raises questions about noise pollution and safety concerns. It seems like noise pollution often goes unnoticed or tolerated by many.

Shower Temperature Surprise

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“That split second when you get into the shower, and even hot water feels cold.” – u/ILoveMonorails95 Ah, the classic shower surprise! It’s a small annoyance, but it’s a reminder of how the little things can sometimes be surprisingly frustrating.

Religion as an Excuse

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“When religion is thrown in as any reason or excuse ECT into any situations at all. Like [dang] Daniel, no one cares about your mythology hypothesis.” – u/Nebula9545 Using religion as an excuse can indeed be bothersome, especially in unrelated contexts. It’s important to respect others’ beliefs and realize we all have reasons for doing what we do.

Empty Bus Etiquette

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“People sitting next to me on an empty bus” – u/Dabrigstar Respecting personal space is important, and it can be puzzling when someone chooses to sit right next to you on an otherwise empty bus. A little courtesy can go a long way.

Air Flossing

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“People who clean their teeth by letting air pass through the gap between their teeth. I call it air flossing. It’s disgusting to see and hear, especially on the train or the bus.” – u/teacherMJ2013 Air flossing is indeed a unique habit, and it’s interesting how various behaviors can be perceived differently by people. What one person finds gross, another might not even notice.

Open-Mouthed Chewing

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“People chewing with their mouths open. Always end up wondering what kind of barnyard animal raised them.”- u/Squirrel1184 Open-mouthed chewing is something many find off-putting. Personally, we would rather be eating with the farm animals anyway. It’s a reminder of the importance of table manners and respectful dining habits, even if we’re not actually in a barnyard!

Pet Poop

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Our addition to the comments included: “Dog owners that don’t pick up pet poop.” – u/FurBallFun Perhaps we took “Pet Peeves” a little too literally, but with all of the gadgets and products, not to mention public pet trash cans, in our minds there’s really no excuse.

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