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Everybody loves their furry friend and their furry friend loves them back. And yet you want nothing less than the best for your pooch. The best chew toys, the best bed, the best blankets but most importantly the best dog shampoo. After all, your furry friend is covered in fur and it is very important to their health.

Not only does their fur keep them warm but it also protects them from cuts and scratches, it repels water, and shields them from dirt. But most of all, we just love the feeling of their soft fur when we hug them. 

Finding out what is the best shampoo for your dog is as vital as figuring out what food is the best for them. Luckily you have here to help you. We scoured the internet for good reviews, tested a ton (Harvey got lots of playtime in the mud), and verified with actual users of products to help us decide which shampoo should be added to our best shampoo for you dog list.  All in the hopes of helping you keep your doggies safe and clean.

How To Use Dog Shampoo

It may seem relatively simple to wash your pet. But unlike human shampoo, it takes a little more effort to get the product into the thick long coat of our furball friends. Below are a couple of tips for making bath time fun and efficient. 

Tips For Washing Your Dog:

  1. Prep the workspace: whether your washing at home or at a service stall you will want to have things in place. Having a towel laid out on the floor is always a good idea. Along with one to quickly cover your pet before they shake all the excess water off onto you. A minor trick is to open the shampoo bottles before getting wet and set them nearby. Finally, make sure the water is warm enough to feel comfortable but not too hot to touch. 
  2. Stay leashed: another item might not seem as obvious, but having their leash remain on during the process or at least nearby might come in handy. Not only does it provide you with a bit of control, if needed, but also gives your pet something to remind them this is normal…for whatever reason dogs tend to lock up and not move in the tub. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly: you might think you’ve got all the shampoo out, but it’s a good idea to double check. Unlike human hair you won’t be able to get all of the shampoo out without some physical agitation of the fur. So get in there, “fluff” the fur around while spraying with the water. Run the water from top to bottom, pushing the excess shampoo down. 
  4. Pick the right shampoo: much like human skin, every pet is different. And while we can recommend products that work for Harvey (and thousands of others) it may not work for your dog or cat. Natural products may be the best option for reducing skin irritation, but just because a product markets itself as a gentle shampoo doesn’t mean it’s the right dog shampoo for you.

Our Top Picks for Dog Shampoos

While these selections are in no particular order, we saved our favorite for last. That’s not to say our favorite is the “best”, but rather has all the qualities we look for and a great smell. Some are less expensive than others and some are more tailored to dealing with skin issues. But all items on this list have been personally tested by Harvey after many hours of playing in mud, snow, dirt, and just about about any other situation your pooch could get into. So lets lather up and get clean…

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care 

If your dog is suffering from a fur related ailment then you might want to consider using Veterinary Formula Clinical Care shampoo to cure your dog’s fur issues. Veterinary Formula Clinical care makes shampoos for all common fur diseases or issues such as Antiseptic & Antifungal, Hot Spot & Itch Relief, and Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic. 

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care prides itself in being a veterinary recommended medical shampoo that won’t affect veterinary treatments. It’s fast acting too, so your dog will receive instant relief. Many reviewers rate Veterinary Formula Clinical Care highly for how much it helped their dog when they were going through a rough time. The great thing about Veterinary Formula Clinical shampoo is that it isn’t expensive compared to other dog shampoos, especially medicated shampoos. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care dog shampoo is safe, affordable, and will help your poor doggo when they’re feeling sick. 

What We Use It For: Harvey has allergies that cause itchy skin. At first I didn’t think much of it, but he obsessively licks at his paws to relieve the itch. This ultimately caused soft skin that opened and got infected…which in turn caused us an expensive trip to the vet. Treating the root issue, itchy skin, with an occasional shampoo such as the Hot Spot & Itch Relief formula really helps!

See Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Full Lineup of Great Products:


TropiClean may not be as famous as the other dog shampoos on the list but it is quickly gaining popularity among Amazon customers. This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is made in the USA with naturally derived ingredients. 

Customers love TropiClean for helping relieve their dog of itchiness and giving them a good, clean smell. TropiClean comes in a variety of sizes ranging from a small 16 ounce bottle to a massive 2.5 gallon jug in case your dog might need a few washes before getting rid of that smelly odor. TropiClean shampoo also helps moisturize dry skin so customers love the quick relief it provides for their troubled pet. Amazon reviewers rate TropiClean high for its natural ingredients, clean smell, and low price. 

What We Use It For: Tropic Clean may not be at the top of our list for pet shampoo that helps with itch relief or other topical related issues. Although it does help with those issues, we tend to use it for some of it’s other qualities. First, we can’t deny the fact that it’s 99% derived from natural ingredients…something we strive for in our personal care products. Second, we use this shampoo for times when guests will be visiting…it has a great smell and leaves Harvey’s fur with a nice sheen to it.  Of course he may not care all that much, but we always get compliments on how our 12 year old dog looks half his age and has soft, shiny fur!

Check Out Tropiclean’s Full Product Lineup:

Burt’s Bees 

Most natural ingredient enthusiasts will know the brand Burt’s Bees for their cosmetic products but they also make a great dog shampoo. Burt’s Bees is well known for using only natural ingredients in their products and they don’t hide them. Every ingredient is plain to see on every bottle of Burt’s Bees dog shampoo. 

Their most popular dog shampoo is Oatmeal Shampoo formula that has a great honey smell. Burt’s Bees is great for dogs with sensitive and dry skin. Made with natural ingredients to keep your dog’s skin feeling fresh and clean without getting burned from some common chemicals found in lesser shampoos. 

Burt’s Bees is a great choice for dogs with more fragile coats, such as for poodles who actually have hair instead of fur. It may be a bit more expensive than the other choices on this list but that natural honey smell and worry free ingredients make Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo worth it. 

What We Use It For: When Harvey was a pup this is what my wife used.  Being a natural shampoo with key ingredients clearly marked on the label made for an attractive option to a first time pet owner…especially 12 years ago. Nowadays you can find other natural shampoo products, but Burt’s Bees certainly is a dog owner’s trusted brand and a great choice for your dog’s coat. 

Get your pet and you a little something special. Not only does Burt’s Bees make great products for your pets but they make great products for humans too. Perfect gifts for the holidays, check out the full Burt’s Bees full lineup below:

Burt’s Bees Full Pet Product Lineup:

Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo 

If your dog has a really bad odor on their fur then you will need to grab a bottle of Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo. We all know Arm & Hammer for helping us get the smell out of our refrigerators, trash cans, and really just about anything but now it can even help us get rid of that bad dog smell that plagues our beloved pets. 

Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo is made with natural ingredients and is safe to use even on puppies. Customers love the kiwi blossom scent that replaces their dog’s unholy stink after using Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo. Arm & Hammer Deodorizing Dog Shampoo is a great 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that will keep your dog smelling clean. 

What We Use It For: As the product implies, when Harv gets a little stinky, which isn’t often but does happen, we bust out this shampoo. Also, coming in as one of the lowest costing on our list this is a good option for those on a budget, but who still appreciate natural, effective products.

Be Sure To Clean the Carpet Too:

Skout’s Honor Probiotic Shampoo + Conditioner

Rounding out our Best Shampoo For Your Dog list is our top choice.  Skout’s Honor is the new kid on the block and trending in the pet product industry.  With its unique formula this product not only wraps up all that we love about a shampoo but also everything a pet company should be.

Skout’s Honor shampoo utilizes avocado oil to give your pet a shiny finish while relieving itching and shedding. The formula is both shampoo and conditioner that is tear free and soap free. Promising no sulfates, parabens, triclosan, petrolatum, and a plethora of other harmful ingredients, Skout’s Honor never tests on animals and is considered a vegan cruelty free product.

Perhaps the best part of Skout’s Honor isn’t that you’re just getting a great product but that every bottle goes to helping feed animals. This company donates to local shelters and helps animals in need. 

Finally, without a doubt, this is our favorite smelling product.  We use their “Dog of the Woods” product but they also have “Honeysuckle”, “Lavender”, and even a “Fragrant Free” version. 

When We Use It: I have to admit, Skout’s Honor shampoo is a little pricier than the other options, so don’t think that we use it every wash. However, this stuff is worth it, especially for Harvey’s sensitive skin. Did we mention it comes with probiotics? Which plays into when we use it…if Harvey’s skin seems to be irritated in some form or fashion, this is the shampoo for us. Feel good about your purchase and help other animals at the same time. 

Check Out Skout’s Honor Product Lineup:

What’s Your Choice? 

Picking a shampoo for your dog can be a hard choice. The fact that you’re here shows how much you’ve thought about it and how you only want what’s best for your best friend. Hopefully the choices on this list have helped you better understand what’s special about each dog shampoo and how it can help your pet.

Harvey Approved!

Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

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