Best Ball Toys For Dogs

If you’re looking for a new dog toy, figuring out the right kind for your pet can be daunting. There are rope toys, stuffed animals, and interactive puzzles, which can all be good things to buy for your pet. 

However, you can’t go wrong with the classic rubber ball. Still, there are tons of options out there for ball toys for your dog, so if you need some guidance before you purchase, you’re in the right place. 

Why Choose a Ball Toy? 

Best Ball Toys For Dogs

There are lots of great toys for dogs, but ball toys have a few advantages over the other choices. Stuffed animals and plush toys, for instance, can be ripped apart in minutes by a motivated hound. They don’t tend to last long if your dog likes to chew or is an aggressive playmate. So if you want to avoid sweeping up fluff, it’s best to go with a different kind of toy. 

Rope toys are another great option, however, they’re really only ideal for playing tug of war. They won’t throw as well as a simple ball, and what dog doesn’t love a game of fetch? 

Balls are versatile and can be played with in many ways, from fetch to tug to just being a chew toy. Furthermore, they tend to be a fairly durable option, which means they will last long enough to entertain your pet another day. 

What Are The Different Features Of Ball Toys? 

Best Ball Toys For Dogs

You can always go with a classic tennis ball, but there are a lot of variations that are worth looking at. 

For instance, a ball toy that squeaks or makes noise is an excellent option because dogs will be stimulated by the sounds they hear. This is especially true if your dog likes to hunt or gets bored with basic toys. 

You may also want to look into a toy that has spikes or bumps on it because these can be advantageous to your dog’s oral health. Certain balls come with designs meant to clean their teeth while they chew, so you can ensure your dog’s dental hygiene is cared for. 

Best Ball Toys For Dogs

Finally, you’ll want to look at the materials a ball toy is made with. You don’t want to pick any old ball because your dog will likely be chewing on it and carrying it in its mouth. This means you need something that is non-toxic and made with safe materials. If you have a chewer or a teething puppy, you’ll want to pay attention to the durability of the toy as well. 

4 Best Ball Toys For Dogs

1. Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Why we love it: The Ultra Ball is one of the best toys around for all dog owners to purchase. It’s great for small dogs and large dogs, and every furry friend in between because it comes in different sizes. This means that you can find one that is the perfect size for your dog’s mouth. 

Furthermore, this toy is great for playtime because it is a very bouncy ball. It’s also lightweight, and every size has a corresponding ball launcher that can be used with it and purchased separately. 

One of the best features of this ball is that it is made from a durable material. It’ll stand up to a dog’s teeth because it has a rubber core, yet its exterior is soft so it won’t cause discomfort or harm their mouth. This makes it ideal if you have puppies or heavy chewers! 


Why we love it: This is a good choice if you’re looking for an alternative to squeaky toys. This great toy is unique because it will giggle and laugh to give your pup an engaging playtime! It will make numerous happy sounds as it rolls and bounces around, and different noises will be prompted by movement from varying angles. Even better, it will entertain your dog while never requiring batteries. 

This is also a good option because it is designed with your dog’s oral hygiene in mind. While your dog chews on it, the pattern of bumps will help to clean its teeth. It’s made from food-grade materials, so it’s very safe if you have a teething puppy, and will not just keep them from chewing on your shoes but benefit their health in the process! 

This toy is also very tough and durable and will hold up to lengthy chew sessions. However, it is not recommended for large or aggressive breeds and is only ideal for small and medium dogs. Therefore, it is not an option for all dogs, but if you have a smaller or mid-size pup, it’s sure to entertain them! 

3. Dipperdap 

Why we love it: This is a great option if you’re on a budget or your dog just tears through toys very quickly! That’s because this is actually a value pack of 4 squeaky balls for a reasonable price, so you’ll have numerous backups available. 

This is a good choice for the dog park because if it rolls away or gets lost, you’ll have some to spare. Furthermore, it’s good for games of fetch and tug and will keep your dog playing for hours. 

It’s made from safe and tough materials, so it’s ideal for your dog’s sharp teeth. It will allow your pet to chew on it without danger, and because it is spiky and has a textured exterior, it will even brush your dog’s teeth while they play!

This toy is great for everyone, from small breeds like chihuahuas to big breeds like mastiffs, so it’s a fantastic option for anyone and their pet. 

4. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball 

Why we love it: This is a great option for those with big dogs that love noisy toys. It’s similar to the FFDOGGY ball earlier on this list, but unlike that toy, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is suitable for all dogs of any size. 

It will make laughing noises as it rolls around, which is sure to delight your pup and keep them entertained and occupied. Plus, all the activity is like exercise, which will help them stay fit and healthy. 

Another great feature of this ball is that it has four pockets or divots on its exterior. These are designed to make it easier for your dog to pick up, so playtime is simpler and more fun! It’s also good for both indoor and outdoor use and does not require batteries, so it’ll be ready for playtime right out of the package! 

Go Fetch…

Best Ball Toys For Dogs

If your dog had access to your Amazon account they surely would be logging in now to order all of these options. Do them the favor and get one today! 

Even with all of the Pet Toy Reviews Harvey gets to test, we still find ourselves returning to the classic, the everlasting, the undeniably perfect toy…the simple ball. But make no mistake, the ball is the most intuitive toy for both pets and humans alike. So stock up, and go play some fetch. Your dog will love you for it.

Take Care


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