AI Policy


This is a policy for how writers, editors, and other employees will use AI in relation to working with (FBF) and associated brands, including but not limited to social media platforms and content. We ask people working with FBF to read and agree to this policy.

The main points are:
   Authors are accountable for accuracy, fairness, originality, and quality in their writing.
   AI outputs are always reviewed by humans for accuracy.
   We believe in transparency in the ways we use AI.
   We use AI as an assistant without using it to supplant human insight or creativity.

We May Use AI For:

  • Inspiring content ideas, brainstorming topics
  • Suggesting headlines and meta descriptions
  • Help with grammar, spelling, and rephrasing (Grammarly for Instance)
  • Help to create outlines and to structure posts
  • First drafts of social posts
  • Summarizing information
  • Sparking ideas for interview questions
  • Repurposing existing content to use in other settings (such as summarizing a video call to help turn it into an article.)
  • Fine-tuning content for more specific audiences
  • Making templates for routinely sent emails or messages.

We Do Not Use AI For:

  • Research. We may use AI to assist with summarizing research but not as a source of research itself. 
  • Fully writing articles- AI is used as a writing and brainstorming assistant, not as an author.
  • To make artwork. We use licensed images, primarily through Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, and Canva, as well as original photography and drawings submitted by the creators.

AI and Privacy:

We do not put sensitive information such as client names, contact information or private identification numbers into ChatGPT or other AI chatbots.

  • ChatGPT records and stores transcripts of your conversations. This means any information you put into the chat, including personal information, is logged. It’s easy to accidentally give ChatGPT private details without realizing it, especially if you use it to proofread personal or professional documents.
  • A simple heuristic is the Reddit Rule: if you wouldn’t post it anonymously on Reddit, don’t put it in an AI tool without a clear understanding of their data policy.

Updates to This AI Policy

Policy Created January 8th, 2024. AI is moving quickly. This policy will be updated over time should our usage of AI change.

Editorial Policy 

You can view our Editorial Policy page for more information about our content standards and expectations.