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Hello there! We’re Kelly and Corey. From the moment our paths crossed, our mutual love for nature ignited a deep connection. Setting our sights on exploring the world and seeking out furry friends became our aspiration. Little did we anticipate that our dream would materialize in an unforeseen and utterly charming way – enter our delightful companions: pets!

The Search For Something Better…

Our dedication to our furry companions led us down a path of seeking out only the best for them. Tired of investing our hard-earned money in dog toys that failed to endure, we were determined to find safe and reliable alternatives that not only enriched our pets’ lives but also added tangible value.

Thus, FurBallFun was born from our aspiration to offer our readers honest, “down-to-earth” assessments of pet products and impart practical pet care insights. What started as a modest endeavor has flourished into a multifaceted platform encompassing everything from comprehensive dog training to reliable housesitting services.

Our journey continues as we tirelessly explore the vast landscape of pet products, tirelessly sifting through options to uncover the most exceptional offerings. Through our ongoing quest, we remain committed to sharing these remarkable discoveries with all of you.

Some Entertaining Tidbits!

Formalities aside, here are some random but fun facts about us…

  1. Our expertise spans a wide range of fields, from degrees in wildlife biology, computer science, and business, to an array of professional certifications and accolades.
  2. In the realm of recreation, we’re avid rock climbers and dedicated mountain bikers, constantly exploring the globe for the most exhilarating adventure destinations.
  3. A harmonious blend of talents also extends to our musical inclinations – collectively, we boast mastery of six instruments. Our musical tastes are a vibrant tapestry of eclectic genres.
  4. We are “part-time” vegans (Kelly a bit more than me). Partly stemming from our love of nature and in part for health reasons. Make no mistake, though there are times when we indulge in a good charcuterie board, more often we cut out meat and always use alternative milks. Cheese, uggh, I love cheese, so it’s my crux…but Viola Life makes some great vegan cheeses if you haven’t tried them yet.
  5. Ah, coffee – a universal delight. Yet, our passion for this black elixir might just tip the scales beyond the ordinary. Coffee, anyone? An emphatic yes, please!

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We are nationally syndicated writers seen on several outlets and sites. Please visit our Muckrack profile for more information.

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