7 Dog Breeds Owners Say They’ll Never Have Again

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Owning a dog can be a deeply rewarding experience, but not all breeds are the perfect match for every owner. Redditor u/Zensshadow asks the question: “What’s a dog breed you wouldn’t own and why?” Users responded and shared their insights on breeds they adore but would never want to own again, citing various reasons. Here are some more breeds that have made it onto the “never again” list:


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While Pugs are undeniably cute and lovable, their breathing issues and vulnerability to heat can be quite challenging for their owners.

“Agree. I have a pug now. Always wanted one since I was a kid. She’s an amazing dog, but I just feel terrible for her because she can’t freaking breathe.” – u/HalloweenieCatShark

Danes and Mastiffs

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The majestic Great Danes and powerful Mastiffs come with the downside of shorter lifespans, which can be emotionally taxing on their owners.

“Large breeds with resultant short lives – Danes, Mastiffs.” – u/JerkyChew

King Charles Spaniels and Boxers

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Breeds with well-documented health problems can lead to frequent visits to the vet and emotional stress for their owners.

“Breeds with known health issues – King Charles Spaniels, Boxers.” – u/JerkyChew


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Breeds like Akitas and Shibas can be a challenge due to their strong loyalty to one person and potential indifference to others.

“Akitas because they are one-person dogs, and if you aren’t that person, you’ll get nothing from them but indifference.” – u/Interesting_Gift4953

Jack Russel

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Jack Russells are undeniably charming and endearing, but their mischievous side can make them a handful. They’re like the charming rogue of the dog world, always keeping their owners on their toes.

“Jack Russel’s and min pins, way too high energy for my liking.” – u/flint_spark

Followed up by u/dilfrising420 stating: “I have a Jack Russell mix and this is exactly how I would describe him. My wife says he’s like a bad teenage boyfriend—so so cute, but ultimately a little scoundrel deep down 🤣


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While Malinois are indeed remarkable dogs, they are best suited for individuals with a deep understanding of their demands and the expertise to provide them with the training and stimulation they require.

“Malinois. I’ve had dogs all my life and I know enough to know I wouldn’t be able to train one they way they need to be trained. Don’t get me wrong they are incredible dogs but should only be owned by really experienced handlers.” – u/porpoisebay

French Bulldogs

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French Bulldogs, while incredibly charming and endearing, do have a higher risk of certain health problems due to breeding practices. It’s heartening to see individuals making informed choices to ensure the well-being and quality of life for these beloved pets.

“French bulldogs. They’re predisposed to many health issues due to years of unethical breeding methods like spinal problems, breathing difficulties, etc. I wouldn’t be able to bear to see a Frenchie suffer if I owned one. I just can’t.” – u/Emperor_Boya

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