10 Movies People Seem To Love But Others Simply Hate

Love them or hate them, movies have a unique ability to evoke strong emotions, and not all films are universally adored. When asked what movies people love but you just can’t get on board with, several users provided their input. Whilst everyone is a critic, these comments unveil a spectrum of sentiments, highlighting films that have garnered both immense love and vehement hate.

From the high-octane escapades of the Fast and Furious franchise to the polarizing romance of La La Land, join us as we decipher the divided opinions on ten movies that have sparked intense debates among audiences.

Fast and Furious Series

Picture from fast and furious
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Buckle up for a wild ride as the Fast and Furious franchise shifts gears from street racing to heist madness. With Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto leading a crew that values “family” above all else, the series transforms into a high-octane spectacle featuring car acrobatics, absurd stunts, and enough family drama to rival a soap opera.

One commenter highlighted the franchise’s transition, noting: “For a bit of the series, they were a decent alternative to all the superhero movies for someone who was looking for big action. Fast 5 through F8 are fun big budget action movies as long as you don’t take them too seriously.”

Amidst the diverse opinions, one viewer shared a hilarious experience, stating: “My husband laughed so hard he cried the first time he watched it. He can quote the whole thing and often does.” The sentiment of cinematic perfection wasn’t lost either, with a fan declaring, “Tokyo Drift is cinematic perfection.”

However, not everyone is on the same page regarding the franchise’s quality.

Another comment provided a mixed review, mentioning: “The first one was a decent movie though. Fast 5 isn’t bad either. The rest are pretty [explicit] ass. At this point, they’re just memeing on us.”

The Fast and Furious saga seems to have revved up quite a range of reactions from its dedicated audience. What’s your take on the series? Join the conversation in the comments!

Polar Express

Scene from Polar Express
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

All aboard the Polar Express, a CGI-animated train journey to the North Pole. This holiday adventure, based on the beloved children’s book, follows a skeptical young boy learning about the magic of Christmas. However, the animation style, described as residing in the uncanny valley, leaves some viewers feeling more uneasy than festive.

One comment humorously notes: “It’s the animation for me – can’t stand it 😂,” highlighting a possible source of discomfort with the series.

Another viewer appreciates the artistic elements but raises a concern, stating: “The background/architectural drawings are amazing, but the motion capture animation is so creepy.”

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey movie scene
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Step into the steamy world of 50 Shades of Grey, which ventures beyond the bedroom and into mainstream cinema. Adapted from Twilight fanfiction, this romantic thriller explores the unconventional relationship between the inexperienced Anastasia Steele and the enigmatic Christian Grey. However, critiques abound for its questionable portrayal of “spicy” practices.

One user humorously remarks: “50 shades of grey. What 8th grade girl wrote that?”

Another sheds light on the series’ roots, stating: “It started out as Twilight fanfic that was then turned into a novel and then a movie. Explains some.”

The Notebook 

Scene from the Notebook
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Love takes center stage in The Notebook as Noah and Allie navigate the tumultuous waters of romance. This tear-jerker, based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, follows their enduring love story through decades, capturing hearts and sparking debates about the blurred lines between passion and obsession.

A different view on characterization…“Thank you! 🙏 I had so many discussions that Goslings character was simply a psycho but everyone was like “no he is romantic”. No he isn’t girl. He is a psychopath”

Disney Remakes

Scene from Little Mermaid reproduction
Image Credit: Disney.

In a world dominated by remakes, it’s somewhat surprising that Disney, a beacon of creativity, has succumbed to the trend. Whether driven by corporate greed or reflective of an era enamored with recycled ideas, the prevalence of remakes appears to be an enduring reality. Personally, I align with the sentiment that nothing quite rivals the charm of the originals. As nostalgia whispers through the classics, I find solace in their timeless appeal, choosing to resist the allure of the reboot wave. 

Other comments noted: “Any Disney remakes. They’re just ******* cash grabs that are worse than the originals.”

Kevin Hart Movies

Scene from Jumanji of Kevin Hart running
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

Some users chose to comment on a particular actor’s movies. I, for one, love Kevin Hart’s standup routines, but I have to say most of his acting is a bit annoying at best. Don’t get me wrong, the Jumanji character was great, but I seriously had to think about what other movies he’s been in.

Here is what some other commenters had to say…“Anything with Kevin Hart and someone else as the mc…..or just Kevin Hart.”

And in response another commenter voiced…“The loud and obnoxious one who isn’t even funny in his stand-up routines? Yeah… I don’t find him funny either.”

The Blind Side

Scene from Blindside movie
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Tackle the heartwarming true story of Michael Oher and the Tuohy family in The Blind Side. This sports drama, centered around football, family, and compassion, captures the triumph of the human spirit. However, detractors argue it falls into the “white savior” trope, overshadowing the complexities of Oher’s life.

I am guessing this commenter doesn’t enjoy Hallmark movies very much…“I don’t exactly hate it, but I feel like ‘The Blind Side’ is VERY overrated. It’s like watching a typical Hallmark movie.”


Scene from Avatar movie
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Embark on a visually stunning journey to Pandora, where James Cameron’s Avatar unfolds. This epic sci-fi adventure intertwines environmental themes with a classic “chosen one” narrative, but detractors argue it’s essentially Fern Gully in space. Still, groundbreaking 3D effects and box office success keep this debate alive.

This commenter nails it: “The Avatar movies. I watched the first one once and thought it was one of the worst movies ever. The plot was boring and predictable. I don’t know why they were successful.”

Saw Series

Saw puppet scene
Image Credit: Lions Gate Films.

Enter the gruesome world of Jigsaw’s sadistic puzzles, where victims must make life-altering choices. The Saw series, initially celebrated for its psychological horror, takes a dark turn into gratuitous gore. As the franchise progresses, intricate plots give way to increasingly convoluted traps, testing the patience of even the most dedicated horror enthusiasts.

Seriously, do we need more than one of these movies…”The first Saw was fantastic, and really wasn’t even torture ****, but more psychological horror. After that, it was just garbage.”

La La Land

La La Land dancing scene
Image Credit: Lions Gate Films.

Jazz, romance, and the dazzling lights of Los Angeles come together in La La Land. This modern musical tells the tale of aspiring actress Mia and jazz musician Sebastian navigating the complexities of love and ambition. However, some viewers find the movie’s celebration of Hollywood’s golden era to be more of a self-indulgent pat on the back.

I couldn’t disagree more, to me the whole point was to be a bit of throwback and Hollywood did it with style. Movies have been such a huge influence on my life that for me, celebrating the magic of making them is something worth actually acknowledging.

With that said, a top commenter gave their thoughts…“I’m completely over any movie that could be described as ‘a love letter to Hollywood’ or about ‘the magic of movie making’. How does Hollywood keep getting away with [this].”


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