10 Animals People Would Like To Have A Conversation With

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Having a conversation with animals is a dream many of us share, but the choice of which animal to chat with greatly varies. Redditor u/Old-Boot-250 asked the question: “If you could have a conversation with an animal which one and why?” Users chimed in with their preferred animal companions and the reasons behind their selections. Here are some of the diverse array of animals that have earned a spot in the “top choice” list:


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“I want to make sure that they know how loved and appreciated they are, and that they are 100% members of this family, not ‘just’ pets.” – u/thatsimsgirl

u/goodbyehouse: “Yeah, I came into this thread with my two terrors in mind. I love them so much.”

“I would choose my older dog. He is probably not going to live for many more years and I just want to ask him if he thinks he has had a good life and that we will all miss him.” -u/randomnamehere

u/frog_of_doom responds: “If you are concerned enough to want to ask, then I am certain your dog has had an amazing life.”

We couldn’t agree more! Dogs are such an integral part of our lives, and they truly deserve all the love and appreciation. They’re not just pets; they’re family!


Two otters playing
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“So I can ask them what their problem is.” – u/Dangerous_Leopard_35

Otters are fascinating creatures! We’d love to know what’s on their minds too. Maybe they just want to share their otterly adorable antics!


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“My neighbor’s cat, I’m sure he’s been planning something. – u/Anonymous_Truth999

Cats do have a way of keeping us guessing, don’t they? Perhaps your neighbor’s cat has some grand feline schemes up its whiskers!


Raven (Corvus corax)
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“Because I’m with them” – u/drankbottle

Ravens are known for their intelligence and mystique. It’s a great choice to seek their company and discover what secrets they might hold.

The Oldest Turtle

Galapagos Islands. Galapagos tortoise. Big turtle. Ecuador.
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“Maybe he can tell us where we all went wrong.” – u/Exact_Lingonberry_10

A wise old turtle could indeed have some valuable insights to share. After all, they’ve witnessed the world’s history from their slow and steady perspective.

Any Deep Sea Creature

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“Enough about space, I wanna know more about what goes on deep down on Earth” – u/NarutoWinchester

Exploring the mysteries of the deep sea is a fascinating choice! There’s a whole world beneath the waves that’s yet to be fully understood. The octopus might be a candidate as one of the smartest creatures to roam the Earth’s oceans. 

Rescue Dogs

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“My darling dog Mabel. I want to know if she ever thinks about that time and if she’s okay.” -u/Ok-Actuator-715

Rescue dogs often have incredible stories to tell. It’s heartwarming to want to reassure your rescue and let them know they are safe and loved.


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“I want to set up a signal that she can give me when she’s not feeling well.” – u/insertcaffeine

Corgis are such lovable companions. Dogs do communicate with us, just in their own way. Creating a signal for our furry friends might be closer to reality than we think.


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“I don’t have a specific one, but one I had bonded with. They have such heavy emotions and always seem to be thinking. Plus, I’m named after the goddess of them, and I have never had a deep relationship with one. I so badly want that.” – u/GazelleTall1146

Horses are magnificent creatures, and forging a deep connection with one is a beautiful aspiration. The bond you seek with them could be truly magical.

Deeply Communicative Cats

The fluffy cat lies on the windowsill and looks into the camera. A young cat with yellow eyes.
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“My cat Alf. I’d really like to hear his adventures.” – u/Designer-Pound6459

u/GazelleTall1146 responds: “They are such adventurous mischievous, totally out there beings. My cat is so bossy vocally though, I don’t think there would be much new there, but she was my neighbor’s cat first and went through some hell, so I would like to hear about it. I also want her to know that even though we got a Bully pup, she’s just as loved and appreciated, and I will always have her back.”

Cats, with their mysterious escapades, can certainly keep us intrigued. We hope Alf has some thrilling stories to share!

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